Hi again, thank you so much for updating this mod, the EMS vision works perfectly for me now. I'm still having some issues with heat vision https://imgur.com/a/SCwuEjQ

In the previous version of this mod the entire player model hands & guns were highlighted red unless swapping them while the vision was active. In the latest update it appears that the heat vision persist on the entire player model except when aiming. Is this by a design? Any chance to have only player model emit red besides the weapon itself?

Either way than you for your continuous work, I love this mod
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> Is this by a design?
> Any chance to have only player model emit red besides the weapon itself?
There is no way to do this with a script.
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Ahh darn that's too bad it kinda throws me off a bit every time I aim and weapon color fades in and out during the heat vision. I kinda liked it in the previous version where I could cheese it by switching the weapon when in heat vision making the weapon not emit the red color but I love how the new version makes the heat vision and the EM vision completely different where in the previous version EM did it all. Regardless, again thank you for this mod. It is really awesome
Would like to inquire about ussing Enhanced Vision's thermal helmet mode with B42 Optics and looking through those scopes, specifically regarding the fact that the weapons are emitting thermal glow — another user had a similar situation, although I can't seem to deactivate the weapon "heat" by swapping weapons. This makes it quite impossible to aim through the scopes because, in thermal at least, the glow of the weapon is too intense to aim through.

Just thought what your comment on this would be, thank you very much for your time!
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What scope mod are you using? The frame is just black in vanilla https://i.imgur.com/x9SxVGw.png
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Hello, thanks for answering! As I mentioned, I'm using B42 Optics for scopes. Is that not a compatible mod?

Here are a couple of screenshots to exemplify what I mean in the previous comment.
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Yeah, sorry, missed that. It is possible to remove glowing from player when aiming, and this wouldn't even affect vanilla scoping. I'll add it in the next update.
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Sounds amazing! I'll stand by for the next update then ^^

Thanks for creating a great mod and for your time helping me!
A bit more info after paying a bit more attention, observing there is a golden-yellow semi-transparent overlay texture overlapped to all characters including NPC's when thermal is turned on / off. Almost like a "highlight" effect. I reckon it might have to do with how the whole player and gun are one big glowing chunk?


Cheers, have a nice day!
Hi there! Hope you're doing well!

Just curious, I'm combing through my mod list in MO2 to update / refresh and remembered about this. Any wild guess at an ETA for next update?
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Published the update.
Weird bug when activating heat vision with a weapon. The weapon appears to radiate heat but when cycling the weapon when the vision is on it corrects itself. Any way to add a fix for the next update? Thanks for the awesome mod

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Having the exact same issue, no idea how to fix it yet.
Can and should this mod be used with Advanced Recon Thermal Nightvision? The mods seem to do the same things but i'm guessing there's differences i'm not seeing with these two mods. Thanks for the mod and hope you have a nice day.
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They can be used together - Advanced Recon Thermal Nightvision overrides Enhanced Vision if the hotkey matches and your armor is in Recon's formlists.
Im reworking my entire load order so I wont be able to check right away but does the mcm option to purchase a vision upgrade function as a workaround to needing to patch helmets added by other mods?
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All mod-added helmets and eyeglasses are upgradable automatically, assuming they have proper biped slots assigned (there were a few sloppy mods reported).