Can and should this mod be used with Advanced Recon Thermal Nightvision? The mods seem to do the same things but i'm guessing there's differences i'm not seeing with these two mods. Thanks for the mod and hope you have a nice day.
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They can be used together - Advanced Recon Thermal Nightvision overrides Enhanced Vision if the hotkey matches and your armor is in Recon's formlists.
Weird bug when activating heat vision with a weapon. The weapon appears to radiate heat but when cycling the weapon when the vision is on it corrects itself. Any way to add a fix for the next update? Thanks for the awesome mod
Im reworking my entire load order so I wont be able to check right away but does the mcm option to purchase a vision upgrade function as a workaround to needing to patch helmets added by other mods?
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All mod-added helmets and eyeglasses are upgradable automatically, assuming they have proper biped slots assigned (there were a few sloppy mods reported).