Standalone Enhanced Vision from Project Nevada.
Power Armor helmets and other high-tech gear now enable enhanced vision modes like Night Vision, Heat Vision and EM Vision. If there’s no Power Armor equipped as a power source, energy cells are required while these modes are active.

Extracted from Project Nevada, optimized and refactored.

Vision modes are enabled via special devices, already installed on some helmets:

Night vision
  • Any Power Armor helmet new!
  • Combat Helmet, Reinforced
  • Ranger Helmet
  • Hazmat Darklight Cowl (vanilla)

Heat vision
  • Enclave PA Helmet
  • Tesla Helmet
  • Combat Helmet, Reinforced Mark 2
  • Ranger Combat Helmet

EM vision
  • Gannon Tesla Helmet
  • Remnants Tesla Helmet
  • T51b PA Helmet

Upgrades for other kinds of helmets and eyeglasses can be purchased through the MCM panel:
  • Install night vision – 500 caps.
  • Install heat vision – 1200 caps.
  • Install EM vision – 800 caps.
(These are base prices, final prices are calculated using standard barter equation, accounting player’s skill.)

Hotkey Interoperability

Default activation hotkey – M.
If the hotkey matches hotkeys from the following mods and certain conditions are met, activation falls back to them:


Project Nevada readme:
“You may upload Project Nevada to other sites, convert it to work with other games, modify anything or release bug fixes and improvements, and use our assets without permission, but please give proper credit if you do so.” – Project Nevada readme.

The Project Nevada team:
snakster, Kai Hohiro, delamer, T3T, Zealotlee, Yukichigai, Gopher, TheCastle, x-quake, Gribbleshnibit8, Mezmorki