Fixed cycling MCM quest.
Added power consumption options.
Improved compatibility with Hazmat darklight cowl.
Moved all quest stages to UDFs.
Added support for additional equipment slots: Hat, Eyeglasses, Mask.
Added support for multiple equipped items.
Removed universal option for Power Armor, each new kind must be activated separately.
Upgrade price is calculated using standard barter equation, accounting player’s skill.
Excluded most casual headwear.
Implemented upgrades via the MCM panel.
Added support for Gopher’s Advanced Recon Thermal Nightvision.
Extracted and refactored Enhanced Vision from Project Nevada.
Updated: No running quests in idle mode.
Updated: All PA helmets got night vision support.
Updated: HUD now shows all remaining energy cells in inventory plus one cell in the EV device. Zero seemed a bit confusing.
Updated: The Spotter and Search and Mark perks now work with enhanced vision, too. They were intentionally disabled with an EV mode activated, but I haven’t found any reason to do so, they work ok together.