Th3Overseer Mod Collection

I'm confused, is this an add on with new story lines to complete after beating the original game? Or is this a texture overhaul/glitches/bug fix mod?
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This is a bug fix mod of all of Th3Overseer's mods. So tons of new content.
Maybe I'm wrong but it seems that "Depths of Depravity" is not compatible with FPGE.
In fact, after the second battle for Hoover Dam, Charlie disappears forever and trying to "moveto" her to player leads to nothing.(*)
In the meantime her quest about headhunting is still running and working (with rewards even if Charlie is not present) as the safehouse is still in place and accessible.
The killers sent by Burke disappeared too.

*) I just discovered that I can use the console to "enable" her again, so then she is available as companion. Of course she has none of dialogue about a free and indipendente New Vegas or anything that involves a "post end" game.
Is this compatible with A World Of (less) Pain and or MoreMojave.
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There is only one incompatibility I'm aware of:
the entrance for New Rockwell is totally covered by a NCR's bunker entrance from AWOP(Less).
I needed to "tcl" to reach the mine door for the city.

Once discovered, indeed, the map marker allows the player to fast travel here and there.
For anyone stuck with Happy To Be Here ("coming back later"). Keep doing April Morgan's quests and, eventually, you'll advance Happy To Be Here.
There's no information that points to this. Forcing "setstage", "tcl" and the like to talk to the Reverend will only result in instakill and broken quests.
Sorry for the dumb question but, I already have The initiation, Eliza and Headhunting installed but haven't started any of them. Is it okay to install these and replace my currently installed ones on a mid playthrough or is it required to have a new save?
MO2 tells me that the contents are not valid, I can fix it myself but, can you upload a version fixed for people that don't know, please?
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Separated the mods into their own downloads for simplicity.
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ttw compatible?
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