Th3Overseer Mod Collection

Th3Overseer's major mods updated with bug fixes and major enhancements.
  • All voice acting has been converted from uncompressed WAVs into OGGs. Massive reduction in space with no quality difference.
  • "White face bug" has been fixed by generating face textures. Editing bLoadFaceGenHeadEGTFiles is no longer necessary.
  • Converted to ESM flagged ESPs. Improved AI, loading and general stability. Now fully compatible with Improved AI (Navmesh Overhaul Mod)
  • Navmesh improvements and many general bug fixes.
  • NPC and Landscape records have been decompressed for better performance.
Frequently Asked Questions
The Initiation
"I can't find something!"
Search all the bodies!

"Why is Ford Cavern locked, even though the quest marker tells me to go there?"
You're supposed to have the key for it. If you don't, it means you didn't search the bodies.

"Where is the Great Khan safehouse?"
Vaguely between Camp Guardian and the Devil's Throat.

"I can't finish the questline."
Finish Oh My Papa for the Khans.
The North Road
"I want to kill Todd and/or Dooley, but I can't. Why are they essential?"
Because it's annoying when important NPCs get themselves killed and break things that they would be required for, locking the player out of content through no fault of their own.

"How do I get into the locked mercenary compound/locked tunnel west of town/locked door inside the whorehouse? Should I use console commands?"
Play the mod, talk to everyone you meet, things will proceed on their own. Don't use console commands to preemptively unlock shit.

"I got into a fight with this big hammer-wielding guy, and I can't beat him. Is he impossible?"
No, it's possible to beat him, it just isn't easy.
"Hey, I found a locked door/box/safe that requires a key, but I don't have it! What do I do?"
Just leave that alone. It'll be plot-relevant later.
The Depths of Depravity
"I found a locked door/container, and a key wasn't immediately obvious. I'm thinking it'll be fine to just pop that sucker open with console commands, yeah?"
No. You'll break something.

"Well what about this locked fence in the Exile's Cave? It's not unlocking for me at a story-relevant time!"
Try exploring the big room you're already in. Mayhaps there's a key somewhere.

"Your obsession with satchel charges is going to inspire me to murder you."
Send help. Overseer has placed satchels in every exit of my house.

"I can't open the door to the Freeside Safehouse. What gives?"
That's a fun little side effect of the dogshit collision meshes that infest this game like a cancer. The building's collision mesh covers up most of the door. However, the door handle is safely outside of the awful collision, so click that and you're good to go.

"Hey, during one of the quests, I'm told to meet with this Reverend guy, but when I get to his building, his secretary tells me that he isn't available and to come back later. Obviously this is a secret code that actually means I need to find a hidden door switch or a key you've masterfully hidden up somebody's ass. Where is it?"
Or, possibly, it means the Reverend isn't available at the moment; and you should come back later. Not everything needs to be complicated, you know.
The High Desert
"Does this require me to have completed your other mods?"
There's one quest that is only available if you've completed the Roy Sullivan questline in Eliza. Other than that, no. However, your actions in my previous quests will, on occasion, be referenced in dialogue when appropriate.

"Hey, I got to a part where multiple NPCs warned me not to bring companions, so I went ahead and brought my companions, and something bugged. What do I do?"
Redo the bit without followers.

"Can I still play this mod if I'm in the middle of a hardcore Legion playthrough?"
Navmesh overhauls, general bugfixing, converting to ESM and more by Janitor Dave
Compression by TheKraken
Armor fixes by Warhound
Weapon perk injection by DeclanIsBig

The Depths of Depravity
Pimp my scarf By Kaya47
Legendary Bandana By AlexScorpion

The North Road Remastered
LOD from Tgspy

The High Desert
Sandcrete Architecture by TrickyVein

Voice Acting

The Initiation
Rivas - Th3Overseer
Page - Th3Overseer
Matt Graves - Th3Overseer
Mills - Th3Overseer
Peterson - Th3Overseer

The North Road Remastered
Adam Burke - Edlolington
Bob Early - Th3Overseer
Brandon Wellese - jdubz
Caleb Alquist - SMc
Colette - Cassondra Nora Eileen/@DiceDracul
Colin Luke - Edlolington
Courier - TheDarkPR101
Del Toro - Th3Overseer
Dooley - Th3Overseer
Felix - Dezima
Hader - xathien
Harris - acousticdonuts
Irene - Emaline
Jon Vicky - Th3Overseer
Lt. Brandt - Th3Overseer (And Th3Overseer remembered to emote this time!)
Matheson - Roarbee/Rory Blanchard
May Ito - Dreadfast
Owens - Grisso254
Petey - Roarbee/Rory Blanchard
Private Ross - Th3Overseer
Prostitutes 1 and 3 - Emaline
Prostitutes 2 and 4 - Dreadfast
Steve Forsier - Roarbee/Rory Blanchard
Todd - Gatorfolk

Assassin - acousticdonuts
Big Pat - Th3Overseer
Casey - Cassondra Nora Eileen/@DiceDracul
Charlie - Kagilo
Chris Blue - acousticdonuts
Chunks Woodcock - puredoomium
Daddy Lee - FrenchDipp
Danny Davis - jdubz
Eugene Schrader - JimmySherwood
Fleece - jdubz
Geoff Snyder - acousticdonuts
Goodsprings Gary - Th3Overseer
Grace Lancaster - Cassondra Nora Eileen/@DiceDracul
Jeff Hayes - SMc
Joe Tully - Th3Overseer
Johnny Norton - Kagilo
Patrick Park - SMc

Benny Alberta - Logan Simpson
Black Killian - Th3Overseer
Brian - Roarbee/Rory Blanchard
Cameron Butler - zekeD
Cheffy - Roarbee/Rory Blanchard
Courier - Th3Overseer
Cricket - Sarcasma
Dakota - floralninjachan
Dealer - Roarbee/Rory Blanchard
Durrl - jackharpy
Earl - Th3Overseer
Eliza Kinney - Bliss Collins
Samuel Greene - Jake_The_Silent
Gus - Jake_The_Silent
Harlan - Th3Overseer
Jim Ferrar - JDJones
Lisa Casley - SkeletonPeryton
Maddie O'Doyle - Sarcasma
Marcus LeDoux - Th3Overseer
Maria - floralninjachan
Martinez - wildacedoomnerd
Michael Shapiro - Roarbee/Rory Blanchard
Mitch - Roarbee/Rory Blanchard
Mr. Sawyer - nevernotninja
Prostitute - floralninjachan
Reggie Perkins - Th3Overseer
Rivas - Th3Overseer
Rocky - Th3Overseer
Rodney - Roarbee/Rory Blanchard
Roy Sullivan - The Yellow VA
Sam Roarke - floralninjachan
Suzie - SkeletonPeryton
Tracey Bolton - Sarcasma
Travis Forrester - vaultwanderer94
Vincent Marino - MamaGoose

The Depths of Depravity
Alex - Th3Overseer
Alfie - Th3Overseer
April Morgan - elenaghark
Archivist - Joshua Orange
Austin Burke - Wyatt Henry
Brecker - DavidCookBlackLIon
Carter - BlissCollins
Charlie - platinumpussycat
Cliff - HollowGent
Courier - Th3Overseer
Dalton - ThefalusNeopolitan
Deacon Paulson - Th3Overseer
Dennis Godwin - dmaldonado6177
Eddie Hurst - Peppersock
Gerald O'Neill - Haddix
Hacked Eyebot - Th3Overseer
Jansen - DanteFettman
Kevin Massey - Th3Overseer
Layla - mishti_misa
Maggie Humboldt - mishti_misa
Masked Courier - Th3Overseer
Megan Humboldt - elenaghark
Monica Nelson - BlissCollins
Paul Winters - Wyatt Henry
Raya - Rhiannon Ellen
Repairman - SeanJohnRawn
Ryan O'Neill - Leonid Lawrence
Scooter - Th3Overseer
Stan Gold - Th3Overseer
Three-Piece Kyle - Th3Overseer

The High Desert
Billy - Th3Overseer
Boles - Charkiboi
Captain Lizzy - KittenVox
Chadford - Th3Overseer
Christine Tong - Roxanne Celeste
Daisy - elenaghark
Danielle - Kylie-Lee Rutzen
Dash Killblood - Th3Overseer
Dragonfist - Th3Overseer
Edgar Tong - cellblockpsycho
Eli Young - Jared Poolaw
Followers Missionary - KittenVox
Fred - Alex Orr
Jace - Th3Overseer
John Turner - Jared Poolaw
Jameson - KovichCrow
Jeff - cellblockpsycho
Kate - elenaghark
Kyle - Alex Orr
Legion Sentry - Th3Overseer
Mandy Bloodshadow - elenaghark
Mendoza - Cory Koehler
Miles Starkey - Cory Koehler
Molly Martin - KittenVox
Mr. Belmont - cellblockpsycho
Nick Saunders - Brayden ten Brink
Ophelia - Roxanne Celeste
Peter - cellblockpsycho
Raider Thug - Brayden ten Brink
Salvager - Th3Overseer
Silas Greeb - Joshua Medlock
Slicker - Alex Orr
Strange Man - Brayden ten Brink
Swish - KovichCrow
Woodey Hardmann - Brayden ten Brink