Standalone Cyberware from the Project Nevada.
Even though humanity nuked itself back into the Stone Age, you don’t have to fight with sticks and stones. Some of man’s most advanced technological creations have been preserved – and the Cyberware module gives you the chance to obtain them!

The cybernetic implants come with a custom interface to attach and manage them. Unique implants that grant powerful abilities are placed all over the wasteland in rewarding locations. Other, less powerful implants can be obtained from selected vendors, though with the proper Science skill those can be upgraded up to 3 times at a workbench.

Once you pick up or buy an implant, the introductory quest “I Dream Of Electric Sheep” starts and leads you to a doctor who can implant it. Some doctors are able to perform the surgery from the start. Finding the books titled Cybernetic Surgery, Standard Edition, you can train a few more doctors.


Head Implants
* AR Scanner: Real-time target analysis
* Bionic Eyes: Enhanced vision modes
* Empathy Synthesizer: Charisma +1
* Logic Co-Processor: Intelligence +1
* Optics Enhancer: Perception +1
* Probability Calculator: Luck +1
* Voice Modulator: Speech +2 (3, 4, 5), Barter +2 (3, 4, 5)

Torso Implants
* Adrenaline Booster: AP regeneration bonus for kills
* Hypertrophy Accelerator: Strength +1
* Monocyte Breeder: Health regeneration
* Nociception Regulator: Endurance +1
* Reflex Booster: Agility +1
* Stealth Nano-Bots: Controllable stealth field
* Sub-Dermal Armor: DT +4
* Synthetic Lungs: water breathing

Arm Implants
* Kinetic Accelerator: reload 10% (20%) and melee attack 5% (10%) faster
* Nanobionic Weave: Limb regeneration
* Hand Stabilizer: Lockpick +2 (3, 4, 5), Repair +2 (3, 4, 5)
* Motor Memorizer: Guns +2 (3,4,5), Energy Weapons +2 (3, 4, 5)
* Neural Datatool: Science +4 (6,8,10)
* Razor Nails: Unarmed critical chance and damage increased by 25% (40, 55, 70)
* EMP Generator: EM Burst (with MF breeder)
* Hyperfrequence Emitter: HF Burst (with MF breeder)

Leg Implants
* Kinetic Accelerator: movement 10% faster (20%, when installed on both legs)
* Nanobionic Weave: Limb regeneration
* Tread Damper: Sneak +4 (6, 8, 10)
* Weight Absorber: Carry weight +10 (20, 30, 40)

* Man Machine: Two additional torso implant slots
* Tin Head: Two additional head implant slots
* Iron Handshake: Two additional arm implant slots
* Cyberlimbic: Two additional leg implant slots

Google Spreadsheet with implant and doctor locations (spoiler warning!)

Standalone Edition Notes

Project Nevada and its Cyberware is an outstanding achievement in Fallout modding. Unfortunately, mods get old, too, and Project Nevada is being gradually replaced by newer mods. Cyberware, its major component, is closely tied to Project Nevada functionality, what created some difficulties in its maintenance. While other PN features got modern counterparts, Cyberware never got a proper alternative or upgrade. Time to change this.

Cyberware has been decoupled into a standalone mod. In order to achieve this, Project Nevada was completely disassembled: features, used in Cyberware, where reworked and assembled back into a separate mod.

When Project Nevada started, event handling in NVSE did not exist, and PN was forced to run scripts continuously. With RuntimeScriptProfiler, I saw up to 17 running scripts in a single frame. On its own, it’s not an issue, but quickly adds up in large modlists. Add to this inventory items with attached scripts: while in inventory, every item copy runs its script every frame even if there is no GameMode block. Speaking of scripts, PN is the heaviest mod by far in most mod lists.

To fix this, 95% of code was rewritten and refactored to event-based triggers. Even the surgery script got facelifting, now it’s much easier to understand what is going on there. Today, Cyberware runs zero scripts in idle state. There are still a few quest scripts, but they are short-lived, have very specific use, and never run longer than they have to.
PN Cyberware rewritten alone would mean losing other contributions to it, such as Project Nevada – Extra Options, Project Nevada Patches and TTW patch (never published for TTW 3.x, AFAIK). Thankfully, their authors allow modifications, so I included their relevant parts, too. See the permissions tab for credits.

Some things did not make the cut or work differently:
  • Wired Synapses depends on PN Sprint – removed.
  • Kinetic Accelerator’s reload boost works always, as Bullet Time is not included.
  • GRX hotkey has been removed. This is an easily detachable feature with multiple different solutions, which is best to be made as a separate micro-mod. Any of GRX hotkey mods on Nexus should be compatible.
    UPD 2022-07-21: As of v6.55, lStewieAl’s Tweaks and Engine Fixes allows to hotkey GRX.
  • Gribbleshnibit8’s challenges are not included, I do not like the idea to add more slots for filling all slots.
  • The implanted weapons, EMP Generator and HF Emitter, at first were removed. Slow recharging and rare weak bursts seem to me unfeasible in the world with recharger guns. After I realised, that we can use MF breeder as ammo, they were brought back. I lowered their range to nerf them a bit and changed required skill to Energy Weapons (was Unarmed). Now, they work similarly to Recharger Pistol/Rifle, and, like them, require proper Energy Weapons skill to be useful.
  • Synthetic Lungs now only provide the water breathing effect, as Sprint was removed.
  • Stealth Nano-Bots no longer show HUD indicator, when Stealth Boy is active. We have no reliable way to calculate its duration properly (outdated). HUD still shows for Nano-Bots.
  • The C-13 perk no longer frenzies Cazadores at level 2.

See the changelogs tab for detailed list.
All relevant YUP fixes were forwarded.

Old World Blues

Improved OWB implants from Project Nevada Patches were ported over.

Those, who stared into FNVEdit long enough, must remember NVDLC03GenericPerkQuestSCRIPT. This is a script, running 10 times per second from the very beginning of the game and managing different aspects of OWB perks. It is very messy and is closely tied to implants. There are a lot of attempts on Nexus to improve it, fully or partially, hence a lot of overrides in large mod lists. To ensure Cyberware’s functioning, I assigned a different script to NVDLC03GenericPerkQUEST, which now runs every 5 seconds and only replenishes GRX. When GRX is not implanted, this quest does not start at all. All its former features were refactored and moved to event scripts.

To be clear – NVDLC03GenericPerkQuestSCRIPT is unused with Cyberware, any changes to it by other mods are ignored. The OWB module is a separate ESP, and if this arrangement does not suit you, it can be disabled during installation.

JSawyer Ultimate Edition also introduces solutions for the OWB perks. Overlapping features are automatically disabled in Cyberware.


The mod can be installed mid-game: your implant perks, acquired prior to that, will be removed, and you’ll be given implants to install.

This must go without saying: the mod is incompatible with Project Nevada – Cyberware. It must be disabled during Project Nevada installation.
Most components were moved to a new namespace, so the mod should be compatible with PN Core, Rebalance and Equipment. Incompatibilities with them can be reported. Just make sure they are bound to different hotkeys.
All assets are produced by the Project Nevada team and contributors (Team: snakster, Kai Hohiro, delamer, T3T, Zealotlee, Yukichigai, Gopher, TheCastle, x-quake, Gribbleshnibit8, Mezmorki; Contributors: Pelinor; see the PN page for full credits).
Implant textures merged from Project Nevada – Extra Options by Gribbleshnibit8 and contributors (Roy Batty, AltDunmer, Drithius; see the PN-EO page for full credits).
OWB extension is based on the Project Nevada Patches component (Maintainers: Gribbleshnibit8 and snakster; Contributors: Antistar, Aether89, Jonnyeah, T3T, Weijiesen, Yukichigai, Zealotlee; see the Project Nevada Patches pages for full credits).
TTW patch is originally made by TTW team, see

Standalone edition, refactoring: Eddoursul
Contributors: DarianStephens, VishVadeva