game crashes when i buy an implant from  moira brown
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Not a Cyberware issue. When you acquire your first implant, you receive a note with it, this triggers a crash in one of DLL plugins.
(Posted on the TTW Discord.) The crash may be caused by NVHR. Go to Fallout New Vegas\Data\NVHR and replace nvhr_avx2.dll with this one. If the issue persists, make a copy with name nvhr_avx512.dll and copy it, too.
(Posted on the xNVSE Discord.) The crash may be caused by multiple SetOnNoteAddedEventHandler listeners. Get this Wall_SoGB's build of JIP LN NVSE from the xNVSE Discord. Or install a version above 57.21, whenever it comes.
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I cant seem to find the stealth nano bots in vault 106 science labs. Please help.
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Never mind. Found it at the end of the science lab with a bunch of skeletons. It's really small though.
Really wish Implant GRX (a vanilla perk) was made into an actual implant with this mod. It's pretty dumb you can just select a perk and VOILA, you suddenly have an implant. Could you add this in the future? Btw, love this mod and all your work streamlining PN stuff!
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The included Cyberware OWB.esp does exactly this (ported from the Project Nevada Patches).
Just a quick question regarding the AR Scanner implant, i'm not sure if this is a new bug or if it was in the original PN Cyberware module but the option to scan something only seems available if you are on level ground with them. If you try to scan them while standing at a higher or lower elevation (i.e, if you're at a high vantage point scoping out a location) the option to scan doesn't appear.

Is this intentional or is this just a quirk with my current installation/modlist?
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Not intentional, and you are the first person reporting this. The only way I see this happen is due to a possible bug in GetCrosshairRefEx from JIP LN.
can you specify where are the bionic eyes been looking for them for hours
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Look around in the rocket room.
how do i install the mod?
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FNV has several guides for newcomers, explaining how to install mods. See Viva New Vegas or Blue Moon for instructions.
looks like installing the contents straight into the new vegas data folder does the trick
Hi! I'm currently using your mod,  TTW version. Problem is I cannot find some of the implants at dc. I've searched whole place mentioned on the spreadsheet, but I cannot find them(bionic eyes and adrenaline booster). Could you edit spreadsheet's dc locations more specifically like nv ones?
Thanks for great mod.
When ADS with the red dot sight on the mp5 ("police submachine gun") while the Nanobots stealth field is active, an oval in the middle of the red dot sight holo panel is covered with the stealth field texture, and the dot disappears, making it impossible to aim. 

Not necessarily a bug, but probably an unintended visual conflict. Not sure if it's an issue with Cyberware or with Another Millenia.

Here's my load order (VNV+MEG)
Do razor nails implants stack?
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So it is possible to install 4 of them fo some insande dmg? :)))
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One implant per arm max.
fun mod! Thank you!
How would I go about changing the duration of the Stealth Field? I'd like to shorten it substantially.
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Override the CWxBaseStealthFieldStability global variable.
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Works! Thank you!
Hey, sorry in advance if this has been asked before but is there a way to change the hotkeys, specifically for the AR scanner? I'm in FNVEdit looking at all the CWxScanner script sources but can't find any references to the activator key other than maybe "EnableControl 5". I feel like that might be it since '5' is the "IsControlPressed" designation for 'Activate' but I'm not really too knowledgeable on this stuff and don't want to assume anything.

Just want to change the key to something else so I don't have to mess with B42 Contextual Leaning's keys (it uses Q and E to lean left and right respectively so having the scanner also on E is kinda inconvenient).
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Yes, it's bound to the control code 5 (Activate), which is referenced in multiple places (EnableControl 5 re-enables normal activation). You'd have to find all operations with control 5 in CWxScanner scripts and change them.
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Thank you for the clarification. Seems the only scripts that mention the control is CWxScannerQuestScript and CWxScannerStop, so I went ahead copied the scripts into an override esp and made the changes there but it doesn't seem to change the key even though the new file is overriding the old scripts. Did I miss anything or should I just have edited the original scripts?

I read that you shouldn't mess with the original scripts of a mod and use an override esp instead to avoid potential problems, so thats why I did it that way.
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In CWxScannerQuestScript, you have five calls:

SetOnControlDownEventHandler CWxScannerOnScan 0 5
EnableControl 5
set iControl to GetControl 5
SetOnControlDownEventHandler CWxScannerOnScan 1 5
DisableControl 5
Make sure to change all of them. Did you compile your script in the GECK? If you did this in xEdit, it won't work, it only updates the source field.
(I'll probably add the option to change it in the next patch, I just don't know when it's going to happen.)
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Yup that must be it then, I didn't have the GECK so that explains quite a bit. After opening it up, how do you compile the script? I found CWxScannerQuest but am unsure what to do with it from here.
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First, install GECK Extender
Find "Script" in the category tree on the left (CWxScannerQuest is in "Quest").
Find the scripts using the quick search field.
Edit and save the scripts.
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Alright awesome, worked like a charm. Thanks a ton for walking a novice like me through the process. Makes me wonder what xEdit is even for if the GECK is where all the magic happens.