5 September 2023, 18:39
Replaced buggy LeveledListAddForm with a hard leveled list edit. (UPD: LeveledListAddForm was fixed in a later version of JIP LN.)
Added full list of implants and their effects to the in-game note.
5 September 2023, 18:38
Added a message about conflicting pnximplants.xml from PN Cyberware and a dummy file, overriding it.
5 September 2023, 18:37
Fixed: AR Scanner could get stuck in scanning mode.
Fixed: On turning off EM vision, highlighting stayed on objects for a few seconds.
Fixed: EM vision highlights traps and terminals instead of all activators.
Fixed: Any MenuMode resets AR scanner immediately.
5 September 2023, 18:37
Proper highlighting with EM vision – robots, power armor, traps and energy weapons.
AR Scanner: fixed the scan prompt in DarnifiedUI.
Scripted barter flags for Pinkerton. Fixes his inventory for users insisting on making broken bashed patches.
Show Sawbones’ map marker only if it was repaired.
Fixed Old Lady Gibson’s inventory, when she is outside.
Hide the cybernetic surgery topic until the player starts the quest (or acquires implants by other means).
Moved all conversations under a dedicated quest. This allows non-doctors to perform surgery (Pinkerton, for instance).
Published a patch for B42 Quickthrow 3.1b.
5 September 2023, 18:37
Added: Click on an implant in inventory shows its description (thanks, DarianStephens).
Added: Kinetic Accelerator for legs is back. Now it increases running speed by 10% (20%, when installed on both legs).
Fixed: Overlapping interaction and scan prompts in AR Scanner (now reuses vanilla prompt instead of adding another one on top).
Updated: Significantly improved compatibility with other mods, modifying OWB. Specifically, JSawyer overhauls and Universal Patch Plus.
Updated: Perks Spotter and Search and Mark are no longer deactivated during Bionic Eyes vision modes. They work ok together.
Updated: AR Scanner continues reporting after moving crosshair from the target until zoom out or a new report.
5 September 2023, 18:37
Updated: Kinetic Accelerator for arms now increases reload speed by 10% (20%) and melee attack speed by 5% (10%).
Updated: Assigned merchant container to Pinkerton via the XMRC attribute.
Fixed: Doctor Usanagi still gave perks along with implants.
Fixed: Start introductory quest when an implant is first bought.
Maintenance: Cleaned up leftover XML from HUD (caused incorrect Project Nevada detection).
5 September 2023, 18:37
Decoupled Cyberware from Project Nevada.
Refactored all continuously running scripts to utilize events.
Forwarded YUP fixes.
Removed built-in MCM, now uses external MCM.
Removed dependency on pn_nvse.dll.
Detached scripts from implants, weapons, and surgery manual.
Lowered implants weight to 0.5 lbs.
Merged in implant textures from Project Nevada – Extra Options.
Significantly lowered barter value of implants.
HFP/EMP implants: slow recharging replaced with MF breeder ammo, lowered max range, changed required skill to Energy Weapons.
Removed implants, depending on the PN Sprint feature: Wired Synapses and Kinetic Accelerator for legs.
Quest markers to trainable surgeons only appear, if player has a surgery manual in his inventory.
In Goodsprings Schoolhouse, moved surgery manual from the safe onto the cupboard in order to trigger introductory popup and quest properly.
Automatically start I Dream of Electric Sheep, if the mod was installed mid-game and user has been given implants to install.
Moved AR Scanner prompt lower, so it does not overlap with the talk prompt.
Trigger Adrenaline Booster with SetOnRagdollEventHandler instead of death token (while in inventory, it uncontrollably runs every frame for unknown period of time).
Store trained surgeons in a form list instead of assigning each one a global variable.
Thanks to Lutana (now part of JIP LN NVSE), we can manipulate perk ranks in runtime. Replaced separate perks for each implant level with multirank perks.
Refactored implant descriptions: instead of hardcoded icons and association with messages, implants have corresponding metadata BOOK items.
Added the persistence flag to missed TTW merchant containers, so they would respawn properly.