Tale of Two Wastelands

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is TTW?
Tale of Two Wastelands is a total conversion project that seamlessly merges Fallout 3 and its DLC into Fallout: New Vegas, allowing both games to be played in a single playthrough. It upgrades Fallout 3's mechanics to those of FNV, while balancing both games to feel like you're playing one full game (instead of two different games using the same character).

New Vegas mechanics like companion wheel, companion perks, weapon mods, crafting, recipes, harvestable plants, and poisons have been added to the DC wasteland items, NPCs, and world.

TTW also restores some cut content, fixes hundreds of thousands of bugs, add some items, changes the level cap from level 50 to 60, alters the FO3 bobbleheads to give mini perks (since it's already too easy to max SPECIAL and Skills in TTW), and more.

TTW isn't just FO3 in FNV. It has become a unique game, with it's own balance, fixes, changes, additions and other unique things that differentiates it from both FO3 and FNV.
What are the requirements?
TTW requires a clean Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas installation. They cannot be modded at all. The installer supports the Fallout 3 Retail, Steam, GoG and Epic Games Store Game of the Year Editions and the New Vegas Steam and GoG Ultimate versions (both the Bethesda.net and German censored versions are not supported, due to containing altered files). All DLC is required. English only. That means North American and Western European releases patched to their latest versions. _lang.esp translations will break the game.

After a clean install run each game launcher to generate the necessary registry keys. The installer won’t detect the games otherwise.

You will also need 22GB of free hard drive space in order to run the installer.

As a final step (after installing TTW and before starting a new game), you need to download and install the latest versions of 
ROOGNVSE plugin, JIP LN NVSE plugin and xNVSE.

JIP LN also requires a newer Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable. It can be downloaded from here: 
Visual C++ 2015-19 x86 Redistributable.

What versions of the game are supported?
TTW supports English Steam and GoG versions of both Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. English versions of the Epic Games Store and of the original disc versions of Fallout 3 are also supported, but you will need to ensure you have the latest patch  for the disk version.

To change to the English version of the game:

Steam: Go to your Library and right click on the game. Select Properties, and then in the new window select the Language tab. Choose English from the dropdown list and allow Steam to update your game.

GoG: Go to your Library in the GoG Galaxy launcher, select the game and choose More, Settings, Language.

Epic Game Store (EGS): Make sure that the installer is pointing at the "Fallout 3 GOTY English" folder inside the fallout3 folder created by the EGS install.

Both the Bethesda.net and German censored versions are not supported, due to containing altered files. Unfortunately this means that it will not work, even if the language is changed to English in the German version of the game.

All compatible versions are interchangeable. This means that you can install TTW using the games from any platform together. For example, you can use the EGS FO3 GOTY and the Steam FNV UE, or the GOG version of FNV UE and the Disk Version of FO3 GOTY, or the GOG version of FO3 GOTY and the Steam version of FNV UE, or any other possible combination using the compatible games mentioned above.
Can I play TTW on Linux?
Some users manage to play TTW on Linux OS. So the answer seems to be "Yes".
Here are some things that Linux users said are needed or help to run TTW:
  • winetricks vcrun2015
  • winetricks gdiplus
  • winecfg set OS to Windows 7
Just remember that Linux is not officially supported by the TTW team, since none of us use Linux.
Do mods work with TTW?
As TTW is a Total Conversion for Fallout: New Vegas, many mods that work for FNV will work with TTW. However, the mod may not apply any changes to the Fallout 3 side of the game, or may not work correctly without a patch. Mods that reuse Fallout 3 content or delete it or change shared records/scripts may not be compatible.

Fallout 3 mods will not work with TTW without a conversion process, which can be found on the TTW Mod Conversion Package and Guidelines page.
Is fix mod X compatible with TTW?
No, TTW already fixes this issue, the issue needs fixed at the engine level, or is incompatible with TTW. Some of these incompatible fix mods include but are not limited to:

  • NVEC
  • MMUE
  • YUP (TTW includes its own YUP version called YUPTTW.esm)
  • NVSE Unofficial Patch
  • Unofficial Patch Plus
  • HeroInZero's weapon fixes
  • Weapon Mesh Improvement Mod (included)

To access a larger list of Mods that are incompatible with TTW, check the forum here.
Can I use mods for TTW 2.9 (or even older) with any newer TTW version?
No. TTW was totally rebuilt from the ground up in version 3.2, and mods made for older versions will not be compatible.
Can I use mods that alter or add animations and/or the game's weapon mods with 3.2? (like EVE, WMX, WMX, etc.)

Starting with TTW 3.2, all weapons got their models and animations properly fixed. Those mods are still using the broken vanilla models/animations, which means they will break the fixed weapons in TTW.

Starting with TTW 3.3, EVE, WMX and other mods that affect Gun Runners Arsenal DLC weapons also have the added incompatibility with TTW's (GRA) weapon integration.

The solution for this problem is making versions of these mods, or preferably new mods entirely, that use TTW's fixed weapons and animations as base.
Can I use an existing save?
Short answer: No.

You cannot use an existing Fallout: New Vegas save to play TTW. Even though a save might load, there are too many changes for it to work correctly. No support is provided for FNV saves loaded with TTW.

Saves made with previous versions of TTW will not work with 3.x. Too many changes were made to allow saves to be compatible.
What does the TTW_NVSE.dll plugin do?
It provides a couple of functions that TTW needs, for example allowing the use of the Gene Projector instead of the Reflectron for the character generation sequence, it also allows the arrows on the Baby Book to be in the correct orientation. These things are documented in the function descriptions on GECK Wiki. It also fixes bugs relating to the Rock-It Launcher that are specific to TTW.
What does the TTW Installer do?
  • Installs updated Vorbis dll's v1.3.6
  • Creates (or modifies) FalloutCustom.ini in "My Documents\My Games\FalloutNV" with necessary archive changes and some performance changes
  • Decompresses BSA files for both Fallout NV and Fallout 3 (the ones which were created for TTW, not the ones in the Fallout 3 game directory) for performance
  • Transcodes sound effects from .ogg to .wav so they work
  • Transcodes all voice files to 24khz sample rate like New Vegas ones to virtually elminate distortion with voice modulation
  • Transcodes mono mp3 -> wav -> stereo wav -> mp3 for some FO3 radio tracks
  • Moves .mp3 files out of bsa and into loose files so they work
  • Patches/creates all non-unique assets dynamically from original game files

Read before you run the installer!
Do not run the installer from inside the .7z archive.

Always extract the files from your archive before trying to install TTW.
Is there a TTW discord? How about social media?
Here is our Discord server: 

We're on Reddit: 

We're on Twitter too: @ttwdevteam 

And you can find us on Facebook: 
Is it safe to validate my game files using Steam after I installed TTW?
If you validate your game files through Steam, you will break your TTW installation. So the answer is NO! It's not safe to validate your game files using Steam.

Only validate your game files if you uninstall TTW and want to play FNV without TTW. Or if your game already had corrupted files and needed to download the correct ones, but then you will need to install TTW again anyway.
Is piracy and/or talk about pirating games or mods allowed in here?
No. Talk about it will be punished with permanent bans.


My installer is giving a BASS Init error
Make sure you have both games installed and patched, and that they have both been run at least once. This includes if you validated Steam files while still installed. Run each game while vanilla, and close. Then run the TTW installer.
My installer is giving a BASS Encode error
First, ensure all files are present -- if a file is missing, antivirus may have deleted something on extraction from the archive. Re-extract after you temporarily disable AV.

If the installer is failing even with all files present, delete oggenc2.exe and try again.
My installer is giving a XD3 Input Error
The games are not patched to the latest version, or have been modified in some way (vanilla esms have been cleaned for example). If you "cleaned" your .esm files for either Fallout 3 or Fallout New Vegas, or Decompressed or otherwise modified the .BSA files, you will need to validate/reinstall the original files before the TTW installer can run against them. If your Fallout 3 version is from disc, make sure it is fully patched: 
My installer is giving a 'Folder ***** is not absolute for location:' Error
This means that Windows Folder protection is active. You will need to disable Folder protection so that the TTW installer can access the folder.
Here's how you can do this on Windows 10 and 11 (be aware that some versions of Windows will not allow to change this settings):
Start Menu > Settings > in Settings search for "Folder Protection" and select "Controlled Folder Access" and then the option can be toggled off.
My game is crashing on start
Exactly when the crash is happening will help you pinpoint the error.

If you are crashing immediately, before you even get to loading projector slides, you either have missing master files, or missing NVSE/JIP LN NVSE plugin. Make sure all required plugins are active (see the load order section), as well as any master files for any mods you may have.

If you are crashing after the loading projector slides, but right before the Start New Game/Load Game/Main Menu text would have loaded, you have a missing menu file. You may have had a UI mod in the past which you have since uninstalled, but which left an "include" for in a vanilla xml, telling the vanilla xml to load a mod xml which no longer exists. As an example, this include text in the xml may look like -- if you did not have the Mod Configuration Menu active, this would be a problem. Most often, these will be at the bottom of "\main\Hud_Main_Menu.xml" or "\options\Start_Menu.xml", but they could be any. User Interface Organizer may help automatically clean these orphaned references.

Another reason you can crash in the game's main menu is if you're using the Mod Organizer 2 (MO2) mod manager, and you installed it into the game's folder. This causes problems and will result in a crash.
My installer is giving an NTDLL error (or CPU is overheating)
Run the installer with command line argument to limit number of CPU threads/cores parameter
My audio is stuttering
If you have stuttering with audio, and you have Malwarebytes, Windows Defender or other real-time Antivirus protection, it may be interfering.

You can add an exception for FalloutNV.exe in Windows Defender and most other real-time Antivirus software as an effective solution for this problem.
My audio is broken or lagging
If you have broken or laggy audio, and you have DSOAL AT3DSfH mod, uninstall it. It's known to break and/or make the audio lag.

Some voices are still crackling even though I ran the installer with full ogg encoding
You need to enable the voice modulation fix on lStewie'sAl Tweaks. To make it like Fallout 3 set "bUseFallout3AudioDistortion" to 1 or if you want to completely disable Audio Distortion set "bNoAudioDistortion" to 1

Fallout 3 voices are recorded at a different bitrate than New Vegas voices. This causes the modulation (such as Power Armor helmets) to sometimes "pop" or "crackle" during speech. The installer, by default, will re-encode Fallout 3 voices to the New Vegas bit-rate. However, if you ran the installer from the .bat file the installer will have launched with command line arguments to skip this encoding process.

If you did the full ogg encoding and are still experiencing some voice modulation crackling, try changing you audio output settings in Windows to 44.1kHz instead of 96kHz; and ensure that you do not have equalization or boosting turned on in software for the audio card. To check the output settings of your audio:

  • Select Sounds
  • Select Playback tab
  • Select your primary playback device
  • Click the Properties button
  • Select Advanced tab
  • Set default format to 2 channel, 16 bit, 44100Hz (CD quality)
  • Click Apply button
Why am I getting pink screens?
Pink screens are caused by the INI option SMainMenuMovieIntro=0. The correct value should be:
This can be changed in the General section of your Fallout.ini
I have missing meshes (Red Diamonds)
You might have missed the final step of the installation, which is a manual process. The installer will have created FalloutCustom.ini in MyGames\FalloutNV\ (some security software, like anti virus, firewall, Windows, etc. might prevent the installer from doing this). You need to copy the contents of this file into the FalloutCustom.ini in your mod manager's profile. See the section on "What .ini settings do I need to make?" for what this should look like.
TTW requires the latest versions of JIP LN NVSE plugin and xNVSE, so you need to download and install those.
The updated JIP LN also requires a newer Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable.
Visual C++ 2015-19 x86 Redistributable. 

If your FalloutCustom.ini got messed up, you should check this section "My FalloutCustom.ini got messed up, HELP!".
I installed TTW using Mod Organizer or MO2 and now the game will not work
When you install TTW using Mod Organizer (MO) or Mod Organizer 2 (MO2), you have to launch Fallout New Vegas from your MO/MO2. Otherwise the game will not be able to access TTW and any other mods you installed using your Mod Organizer.

If your game is crashing in the main menu, it might be because you installed MO2 in the game's folder. That will cause the crash.
How do I export my Load Order (LO)
Exporting your LO depends on what Mod Manager you use. Please see this post on our forums for more information.
JIP LN NVSE Plugin is reported as incompatible during query
After updating JIP LN NVSE Plugin, if it doesn't load or you get that logged message in xNVSE.log, then you probably haven't updated xNVSE to xNVSE. Newer versions of JIP LN require xNVSE.
Some Mojave NPCs are missing
If certain NPCs in the mojave are not appearing, like Vulpes and Oliver Swanick, you must use an English version of the game. Other languages are *not* supported.
I can't hire one or more Capital Wasteland companions
Capital Wasteland's companions can only be recruited if you have the Speech Bobblehead or if you meet their karma requirements (Charon and Dogmeat are exceptions to the Karma requirement):

  • Butch DeLoria: Requires Neutral Karma
  • Charon: Doesn't require a specific Karma
  • Clover: Requires Evil Karma
  • Dogmeat: Doesn't require a specific Karma
  • Fawkes: Requires Good Karma
  • Jericho: Requires Evil Karma
  • Sergeant RL-3: Requires Neutral Karma
  • Star Paladin Cross: Requires Good Karma

In TTW, Capital Wasteland's companions also follow the rule of FNV. You can only have 2 companions at the same time, and only one critter (animal, robot, cyborg animal) and one humanoid (human, cyborg human, ghoul, super mutant) at the same time.

This means that you won't be able to recruit Sergeant RL-3 (for example) while you're traveling with Dogmeat, ED-E or Rex.
My character dies after activating Project Purity. Broken Steel DLC doesn't start. WHY?
In TTW, the original Fallout 3 ending (the character dies after activating Project Purity) is restored when Hardcore Mode is turned on. The game will make a save file before that happens. You can send a companion or Sarah Lyons to activate the purifier or you can disable Hardcore Mode and activate the purifier yourself, doing any of these things will allow Broken Steel to start and the game to continue.
I can't use Fallout 3's IDs while using the console commands
Items, NPCs, Quests, and other things that only exist in Fallout 3 and it's DLCs need to change their BaseID according to their position in your Load Order (BaseID is usually used for console commands). If your TTW Load Order is correct, the new values are these:

  • Fallout 3: Replace the first "00" with "06"
  • Operation Anchorage: Replace the first two numbers with "07"
  • The Pitt: Replace the first two numbers with "08"
  • Broken Steel: Replace the first two numbers with "09"
  • Point Lookout: Replace the first two numbers with "0A"
  • Mothership Zeta: Replace the first two numbers with "0B"

Example: If you need the BaseID for an item, and this BaseID is usually something like "xx0084ac". You need to change the first two "xx" into the values mentioned above:

  • Fallout 3 would be: 060084ac
  • Operation Anchorage would be: 070084ac
  • The Pitt would be: 080084ac
  • Broken Steel would be: 090084ac
  • Point Lookout would be: 0A0084ac
  • Mothership Zeta would be: 0B0084ac
The GECK doesn't detect TTW. How can I fix this?
If you're running TTW through MO2, you will also have to run the GECK through the same MO2 profile.

BETHINI broke my default ini.
If BETHINI broke your default ini. You can get a fresh copy from this thread.


What should my load order be?
The TTW load order must be:

  • FalloutNV.esm
  • DeadMoney.esm
  • HonestHearts.esm
  • OldWorldBlues.esm
  • LonesomeRoad.esm
  • GunRunnersArsenal.esm
  • Fallout3.esm
  • Anchorage.esm
  • ThePitt.esm
  • BrokenSteel.esm
  • PointLookout.esm
  • Zeta.esm
  • CaravanPack.esm
  • ClassicPack.esm
  • MercenaryPack.esm
  • TribalPack.esm
  • TaleofTwoWastelands.esm
Do I need Sheson's Memory Patch?
Sheson's Memory Patch code is incorporated in xNVSE, and the setting to enable it is already enabled in the \xNVSE\xNVSE_config.ini which is included in the TTW installation. The configuration TTW uses for this is:
Should I use NVSR?
You shouldn't be using NVSR anymore. It's outdated and there is a modern, better made successor called New Vegas Tick Fix (NVTF).

Use NVTF instead.
What settings should I use for NVAC?
There are no special settings to apply for NVAC.
How can I tell if the 4GB patch is working?
JIP LN NVSE Plugin has a function which can be run from the console, "GetIsLAA" (not case sensitive). Possible return codes: 0=patch is not applied; 1=patch was applied to the executable, but extra memory is not being allocated; 2=successfully allocated extra memory from the patch and is fully working. If GetIsLAA is return 1, try running the game as administrator.
Do I need to generate LOD?
No, they are included. You will still need to download additional assets by 3rd parties if you want to use them. Do not generate Tree LOD, it is not used in the New Vegas engine.
I want to regenerate lod, are the assets already included?
What .ini settings do I need to make?
TTW 3.3 no longer changes sCharGenQuest in code and it must be in the ini, as below. bLoadFaceGenHeadEGTFiles is not needed for TTW 3.3 itself, since all face textures are generated; mods may still need it activated, but be aware that setting will affect performance. Rather than editing Fallout.ini and FalloutPrefs.ini, TTW instead creates FalloutCustom.ini in \MyGames\FalloutNV\. JIP LN NVSE plugin loads FalloutCustom.ini as a third ini, allowing extra settings to be set without messing with the core ini files. Why is there a "grass" setting in an ini otherwise oriented on performance? Fallout 3 set this at 7000. Fallout New Vegas was hard coded at a cap of 3000, but JIP LN plugin removed that hard coded limit, so TTW restored it to its Fallout 3 level. The default FalloutCustom.ini that is created by TTW 3.3 is below****

***iNumHWThreads is dependent upon your CPU. Make sure this value is never set higher than 2, otherwise the game will suffer from random game lockups and crashes. iNumHWThreads includes all cores (logical and hardware), so it includes "hyperthreading" cores, for example.***

aArchiveList change is not needed in TTW 3.3, unlike 3.2.




What optional .ini settings might I want to make?
The Best of Times has a full list of recommended ini changes to paste in falloutcustom.ini.

Are there any mods or files I shouldn't be using with TTW?
Yes. There are some things out there that will break TTW. Here's a short list:
  • New Vegas Configuator

To access a list of Mods that are incompatible with TTW, check the forum here.


TTW restored the vanilla Fallout 3 ending when playing in Hardcore Mode (it's been restored since TTW 3.3). This will kill the main character and end the game if they activate Project Purity themselves. To avoid this, send Sarah Lyons or one of your companions to do it instead, or turn off Hardcore Mode before turning Project Purity on.
How do I get to the Mojave and back to the Capital Wasteland?
Tale of Two Wastelands includes a large custom created Union Station, where you can take a train ride from DC to the Mojave. This train station is in a new DC worldspace called Columbus Circle. To get back to the Mojave, use the Union Station located in Freeside.

For detailed instructions on how to reach the train station, check the forum here.

DO NOT USE CONSOLE COMMANDS OR OUTDATED TRAVEL MODS TO CHANGE WASTELANDS. Always use the TTW train stations or any (up-to-date) mod that offers a safe travel option. This is because TTW needs to set specific variables and quests (when changing wastelands) for the game to run properly. If you "cheat", you will break your game.
Doesn't adding FNV systems and mechanics to FO3 makes it harder and unbalanced?
The short answer is No and Yes.

The long answer is that Tale of Two Wastelands doesn't just slap Fallout New Vegas things into Fallout 3 and calls it a day. It has seen more than 10 years of development, testing, tweaking and balancing. A lot of time was dedicated to make playing in TTW's Capital Wasteland (CW) to be a similar experience as to playing vanilla Fallout 3.

But, Fallout New Vegas has a lot of different things and resources that don't exist in Fallout 3, this requires that TTW players use these available resources when playing the game. Usually, people who played Fallout 3 a lot and try TTW for the first time will think that TTW is harder than Fallout 3, this is because they are not used to (or know about) the new things added in FNV, so they don't use them.

One of the most widespread misconception that is seen around is that the CW Super Mutants in TTW use the same stats as the Mojave Wasteland ones, so they are much tougher and harder than the ones from Fallout 3. This is false, the Capital Wasteland Super Mutants in TTW do not use the same stats as the New Vegas ones, they were balanced to be similar to the ones in FO3 when taken into account the new resources given to the player in TTW.

This Super Mutant example is perfect to explain why TTW makes the CW feel harder for some players and feel similar to others when compared to Fallout 3. The CW Super Mutants in TTW are tougher than the ones from FO3, but that is because TTW adds things that make the player's character stronger and deadlier (more and stronger perks, more chems and consumables, stronger companions, way higher weapon damage, ammo types like AP, improved bobblehead effects, etc.), when the player takes advantage of some (or all) of these resources, Super Mutants will fall as fast or faster than they did in FO3. But if a player plays TTW only using the resources available in vanilla FO3, then of course the Super Mutants will be harder to deal with. TTW is a full package, everything in it is balanced to take advantage of the resources available to the players. If those resources are not used, then, of course, the game will be much harder.

TLDR: The CW in TTW is harder than it is in FO3 if resources/mechanics added by TTW are ignored, but pretty much the same (or easier) when those resources are used.
Did TTW's economy changed? Why are prices different from what I remember?
Yes, TTW 3.3 introduced full game economy balancing. This had to be done because FNV economy was broken beyond repair. Actually Obsidian fixed it in a patch, but then on a later patch they broke it again because they built that patch on a version of the game before the economy balance patch was applied (or something similar).

This balancing was necessary because of how bad the economy was between the Fallout 3 side of TTW and the Fallout New Vegas side of TTW. The super inflated prices of NV would mean that it was almost impossible to use vendor repairs on some equipment. Other issues were stuff like some weaker armors costing more than better ones, getting rich super fast just by looting stuff like a combat armor and selling it, the huge difference between FO3 equipment and FNV (including the most powerful stuff from FO3 being super cheap compared to some weak stuff from NV). And there's many other issues with the vanilla NV economy.

Why did we decided to change TTW to be more like FO3 economy instead or NV economy? For the reasons mentioned above and because as mentioned before, Obsidian did fix their Economy in a patch, but that fix got reverted (but not fully) by some reason. There are prices in later patches that are balanced around the "fixed" version, but other prices are not fixed, it's quite a mess. But it seems like the developers wanted their game economy fixed. It also prevents players from swimming in caps too quick.

The TTW team understands that this is a "Love it" or "Hate it" change from previous versions, but it was more than necessary to make both wastelands feel like they are part of the same game and universe. Which is the main objective of TTW, that everything in it feels like it's all one giant game, instead of two games merged together.
Did you change when perks are awarded? Sometimes I get one perk every level, others I gain one perk every two levels.
Yes, starting in TTW version 3.3, perks rates were changed. Now the player gains one perk every level when playing without Hardcore Mode active, but only gains one perk every two levels when playing in Hardcore Mode.

What perks were given to DC companions?
  • Butch - Tunnel Snakes Rule: Butch is a gang member at heart, and he does better with a sense of belonging. While Butch is in your party, you both gain +5% Damage if he is using the same weapon as you, and you both gain +5% DR if he is using the same armor as you, with an extra +5% DR if they are Tunnel Snake outfits.
  • Charon - The Contract: Charon is absolutely loyal to the holder of his contract, putting himself in harm's way to keep them safe. Unfortuantely for him, his contract holder lives a dangerous adventurous life... For each 10% health you are below maximum, you gain 1 DT.
  • Clover - Get Lucky: Eulogy was right about her. When you have had a hard day on the road and are ready to call it a night she will make sure you wake up with a grin. With Clover in your party, the Well Rested bonus will grant you an additional 15% experience boost and +1 Luck.
  • Dogmeat - Man's Best Friend: Dogmeat is man's best friend, and he knows how to coordinate and run interference. While he is in your party, you will deal +25% damage to knocked down targets. In addition, you can ask Dogmeat to 'mark' his territory, setting a fast-travel marker to that spot.
  • Fawkes - Over-Compensation: Fawkes' love for heavy weapons is infectious. With Fawkes in your party, weapon strength requirements are 1 point lower for you.
  • Jericho - Scrappy Survivor: Jericho's many years roughing it in the wasteland taught him to get by with nothing but scraps and ruins. You can talk to him any time to make a campfire.
  • RL-3 - Drill Sergeant: Hooah! The gung-ho Sergeant RL-3 egging you on prompts you to excel at killing, whether they're Communists or not. While RL-3 is with you, you'll have -5% gun spread, and +5% Crit chance.
  • Star Paladin Cross - Second Skin: Star Paladin Cross is a seasoned veteran of power armor use and can show you how to deal with the idiosyncrasies of power armor. While Star Paladin Cross is in your party, you have +1 Agility and +30 carry weight when you are wearing Power Armor.
Where are the cross-wasteland homes for companions?
In addition to having a Lucky 38 home once you've got the suite, the DC companions also have a home in NV, and the NV companions have a home in DC, if you take them on the train with you.

  • Arcade: Rivet City science lab
  • Boone: Sniper Shack
  • Butch: Freeside Kings
  • Cass: Canterbury Common
  • Charon: The Thorn
  • Clover: Freeside train station
  • Dogmeat: Gibson scrapyard
  • ED-E: Megaton
  • Fawkes: Jacobstown
  • Jericho: The Atomic Wrangler
  • Lily: Museum of History
  • Raul: Museum of History
  • Rex: Megaton
  • RL-3: Goodsprings
  • Star Paladin Cross: New Vegas Medical Clinic
  • Veronica: Megaton

What changes are made to bobbleheads?
The Charisma Bobblehead and the Speech Bobblehead got their locations swapped. You will now find the Charisma Bobblehead where you would find the Speech one in Fallout 3, while the Speech Bobblehead will be where the Charisma one was in Fallout 3 instead.

  • Agility: You now run 5% faster.
  • Barter: Items you buy now cost 10% less.
  • Charisma: This Bobblehead increases companion damage and damage resistance by 10%.
  • Endurance: Your Damage Resistance has been permanently increased by 5.
  • Energy Weapons: When using Energy Weapons, you ignore an additional 5 DT.
  • Explosives: Explosives now have 10% less spread.
  • Guns: Guns now deal an extra 5% more damage.
  • Intelligence: You now gain +5 extra skill points or +5% critical chance when reading relevant magazines.
  • Lockpick: Your Lockpicks are now less likely to break.
  • Luck: This bobblehead increases your chance to critically hit an opponent by a flat 2.5%.
  • Medicine: You are now 10% less likely to become addicted.
  • Melee Weapons: You now swing Melee Weapons 10% faster.
  • Perception: You are now 10% more accurate with all ballistic and energy weapons.
  • Repair: Your weapons and armor now degrade 10% slower.
  • Science: You now do 10% more damage to robots.
  • Sneak: Your sneak attack criticals now do 10% more damage.
  • Speech: You can now hire any companion regardless of your Karma.
  • Strength: You can now carry 25 lbs. more gear.
  • Survival: Positive chem effects last 10% longer.
  • Unarmed: Your unarmed attacks do double damage against blocking opponents
What changes are made to Perks?
Since it's much easier to Max out all skills in TTW than it was in FNV or FO3. TTW changes the Perks that increase skills into something more useful:

  • Cyborg: Removed Energy Weapons Boost and DT Boost and gives Fire Resistance and Energy Resistance.
  • Daddy's Girl/Boy: Makes hacking easier and gives +10% positive chem duration per rank.
  • Gun Nut: Gives -10% spread and +10% item condition per rank when using guns.
  • Little Leaguer: Gives +10% damage to bats and nail boards and 10% throwing velocity to grenades per rank.
  • Scoundrel: Gives +10% discount at vendors and +5 speech challenge XP per rank.
  • Size Matters: Gives +10% damage and +10% less spread per rank to big guns (which are in a form list).
  • Thief: Gives +10% sneak speed and +5% pickpocket chance per rank.
  • Special Ops: Gives a +15% to pickpocket chance.

What harvestables are added?
New activatable harvestable meshes were created for several existing food items which had no plant to pick them from (some of them, like the trees, only in select places like Oasis):

  • Mutfruit plant
  • Crunchy Mutfruit plant
  • Potato plant
  • Carrot plant
  • Apple tree
  • Pear tree

In addition, three new edible ingredients with harvestables were created out of existing meshes:

  • Brain fungus
  • Glowing mushroom
What recipes are added?
Many recipes were added, partly due to the majority of recipes in NV using plants that would not make sense to grow outside the desert. New recipes were created using ingredients that could be found in the Capital Wasteland. In addition, because the NV engine has ammo types, the F3 Dart Gun has recipes to craft darts for each type of poison (not just the NV poisons, but also the 5 new poison types introduced by TTW). The F3 craftable items were turned in to the NV crafting system.


  • Mutfruit Marinade
  • Centaur Sangria
  • Wasteland Hot Dog
  • Brain Freeze
  • Mirelurk Special
  • Brain Food
  • Nukalurk Sushi
  • Spicy Quantum Sauce
  • Spicy Nukalurk Roll
  • Yao Guai Medallions
  • Mole Rat Steak
  • Fire Ant Bits
  • Ant Bits
  • Fire Ant Nog
  • Ant Nog
  • Bloatfly Smoothie
  • Steamed Radroach
  • Mirelurk Cakes
  • Steamed Mirelurk
  • Mirelurk Thermador
  • Startencle
  • Out Of This World Pie


  • Deathclaw Poison: Ingredients: 1 Deathclaw Hand, 2 Radscorpion Poison Glands, 5 Flamer Fuel - Effect: Damage Health 15 for 10s
  • Kite: Ingredients: 1 Cigarette Pack, 1 Abraxo Cleaner, 3 Brain Fungus, 1 Nuka Cola - Effect: Damage Health 5 for 10s + 80% speed reduction for 30s (achieve the closest effect to the original Dart Gun effect)
  • Rust Rot: Ingredients: 1 Railway Spike, 2 Water Unpurified, 1 Turpentine, 1 Glowing Mushroom - Effect: Damage Health 5 for 10s + 25% speed reduction for 30s
  • Meltdown: Ingredients: 1 Abraxo Cleaner, 1 Turpentine, 2 Glowing Mushroom - Effect: Damage Health 10 for 10s
  • Toxic Waste: Ingredients: 1 Glowing Mushroom, 1 Ant Nectar, 1 Centaur Blood - Effect: Damage Health 10 for 4s + Reduced Weapon skill for 60s

Fallout 3 Weapons:

  • Shishkebab
  • Deathclaw Gauntlet
  • Railway Rifle
  • Rock-It Launcher
  • Molotov Cocktail
  • Trench Knife
  • Cryo Mine
  • Cryo Grenade
  • Bottlecap Mine
  • Nuka Cocktail

Fallout 3 Ammo:

  • .32+P: Effect: 20% condition penalty, 10% damage bonus, -2 DT
  • .32 Match: Effect: 15% damage Bonus, 35% spread reduction
  • .32 Junk: Effect: 50% condition penalty, 25% damage penalty

Other New stuff:

  • Cryolator
  • Liquid Nitrogen
  • Optimized Liquid Nitrogen
  • 10mmAP Ammo
What items are added?
Cut weapons, armor and clothing from Fallout 3 restored:


  • Alloy Steel 10mm Pistol
  • Alloy Steel 10mm Submachine Gun
  • Alloy Steel Assault Rifle
  • Alloy Steel Combat Shotgun
  • Alloy Steel Silenced 10mm Pistol
  • Black Bart's Bane
  • Breaker
  • Chinese Dragoon Assault Rifle
  • Chinese Dragoon Pistol
  • Clover's Cleaver
  • Curse Breaker
  • Discharge Hammer
  • Excalibat
  • Law Dog
  • Love Tap
  • O'Grady's Peacemaker
  • Pa's Fishing Aid
  • Spanner
  • Wanda

Armor and Clothing:

  • Apocalypse Gladiator Armor and Helmet
  • Army Mechanic Jumpsuit
  • Army Power Armor
  • Army Recon Armor
  • Chinese Commando Hat
  • Chinese General Hat
  • Chinese General Uniform
  • Chinese Jumpsuit
  • Commando Armor
  • Composite Recon Armor and Helmet
  • Defender armor
  • Dirty Chinese Commando Hat
  • Doctor Li's Glasses
  • Enclave Shocktrooper Armor and Helmet
  • General Chase's Overcoat
  • Hand-Me-Down Raider Armor
  • Highway Scar Armor
  • Lab Goggles
  • Lyons' Pride Recon Armor
  • Night Vision Goggles
  • Oasis Exile Hood
  • Outcast Recon Armor and Helmet (not unique)
  • Road Rascal Leather Armor
  • "Robo-Thor" Armor and Helmet
  • Sharp-Dressed Raider's Armor
  • Shellshocked Combat Armor and Helmet
  • Scorched Sierra Power Helmet
  • T-45d Power Armor of Love (AKA Pink Power Armor)
  • T-45d Power Helmet of Love
  • Tenpenny Security Helmet (Not Unique)
  • Tesla Resonance Armor
  • The Devil's Pigtails
  • Vault 87 jumpsuit
  • Vault 92 jumpsuit
  • Winterized Combat Armor

20 new weapon mods are added:

  • .32 Rifle Extended Mag - Increases ammunition capacity (+5).
  • .32 Rifle Long Barrel - Decreases spread.
  • Combat Shotgun Reflex Sight - Decreases spread.
  • Combat Shotgun Refurbished Parts - Increases Weapon Condition (+50%).
  • Combat Shotgun Synthetic Stock - Decreases weight.
  • .32 Pistol Light Action - Increases rate of fire.
  • .32 Pistol Long Barrel - Decreases spread.
  • Chinese Assault Rifle Short Barrel - Decreases weight.
  • Chinese Assault Rifle Forged Receiver - Increases condition (+50%).
  • Assault Rifle Drums - Increases ammunition capacity (+26).
  • Assault Rifle Heavy Barrel - Increases condition (+50%).
  • Infiltrator Laser Sight - Decreases spread.
  • Infiltrator Tactical Stock - Decreases spread.
  • Lever-Action Rifle Sights - Decreases spread.
  • Lever-Action Rifle Improved Parts - Increases condition (+50%).
  • Double-Barreled Shotgun Turkey Chokes - Decreases spread.
  • Double-Barreled Shotgun Maplewood Stock - Decreases Weight.
  • Chinese Pistol Rifled Barrel - Increases damage (+30%).
  • Chinese Pistol Extended Magazine - Increases clip capacity (+6).
  • Chinese Pistol Bluing - Increases condition (+20%).
  • Silenced 10mm Pistol Fast Trigger - Increases rate of fire.

Fallout New Vegas restored cut content:

  • Junk Rounds: .45 AP
  • .45 AP Improved Sights Weapon Mod - Improved aiming sights
  • Hunting Rev. Night Vision Scope Weapon Mod - Adds night vision scope
  • Multiplas Rifle Tri-Barrel Weapon Mod - Creates an additional projectile
  • Multiplas Rifle Mag. Accelerator Weapon Mod - Increases speed of plasma projectile
  • Multiplas Rifle HD Coils Weapon Mod - Increases condition (+50%)
  • Svc. Rifle Reflex Sight Weapon Mod - Adds a short-range reflex sight

What else was added or restored?
Fallout 3 weapons that do not exist in Fallout New Vegas can use different types of ammo too.

Alien Weaponry can use both "Alien Power Cells" and "Alien Power Modules" as ammo.

Fallout 3 weapons that do not exist in Fallout New Vegas were given custom-made iron sights.

Weapons from Fallout New Vegas that didn't have iron sights were given custom-made new ones.

Fallout 3 unique weapons were given unique looks - Work still in progress for some of these weapons.

The Dart Gun cripple effect was restored. - Was removed in old TTW versions.

Cut schematics to craft the Cryolator, Trench Knife, Nuka Cocktail and Molotov Cocktail were restored.

Sierra Petrovita's cut lines about the Molotov Cocktail were also restored.

Many cut lines from several NPC (ex. Mister Burke) dialogue were restored.

Some settlements got given (map placement) some crops (usually maize) as harvesteable food sources.

Rivet City's Laboratory was expanded with the addition of a hydroponics room where they experiment with growing fresh food.

Oasis was given some harvestable resources for fresh fruit and vegetables (ex. pear, carrot, etc.).

The Pitt ammo press was reworked so it allows the creation of any common ammo type (some ammo types are not available, for example Alien ammo).

Poison Darts can be crafted.

The Outcasts trading system from fallout 3 was expanded, it now allows to give them much more tech and there are many new reward options to pick from (including AP Ammo).

Liquid Nitrogen was added to the things Sally rewards the player with after completing the Mothership Zeta DLC.

Super Mutants can use Fatman weapons - Like their dialogue suggests.

TTW also restored cut, and added, robot skins and decals. You will now see Outcasts with their own style of robots (Robobrains, Protectrons, Sentry Bots), same with the Brotherhood of Steel. Now Protectrons (like Deputy Weld and the Metro ones) will have their own stickers (decals) too.

TTW added more Super Mutant animations. Which allows them to use more weapons.

Capital Wasteland's Super Mutants also have access to more weapons that don't require new animations, like Bumper Swords and Fire Axes, for example.

Armors added by TTW:

  • Army Recon Armor
  • Brotherhood Recon Armor
  • Dirty Chinese Commando Hat
  • Enclave Power Armor
  • Enclave Power Helmet
  • Enclave Power Armor MKI
  • Enclave Tesla Armor
  • Enclave Tesla Helmet
  • Enclave Tesla Power Armor MKI
  • Lyons' Pride Recon Armor
  • Lyons' Pride T-51b Power Armor
  • Outcast T-51b Power Armor
  • Outcast T-51b Power Helmet
  • Regulator Combat Armor
  • Regulator Combat Armor, Reinforced
  • Regulator Combat Armor, Reinforced Mark II
  • Regulator Hat
  • Reinforced Night Vision Goggles
  • Salvaged Power Armor (Non NCR version)
  • Security Armor (Generic versions of the Dead Money armor)
  • Talon Combat Armor, Reinforced
  • Talon Combat Armor, Reinforced Mark II
  • Talon Combat Helmet, Reinforced
  • Talon Combat Helmet, Reinforced Mark II
  • Vault 101 Security Armor, Reinforced
  • Vault 101 Security Armor, Reinforced Mk II
  • Vault 34 Security Armor, Reinforced
  • Vault 34 Security Armor, Reinforced Mk II

TTW restores the crafting of FO3 weapons. This means that the ammount of schematics (for each weapon) you own, will affect the condition (HP of the weapon) or the quantity (in case of explosives) of what you craft.