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Hello, While trying to install TTW I Keep recieving the following error:

(Invalid img)

I have followed the install instructions and tried installing the files from different browsers and without AV. I have speaker plugged in and fully updated my audio drivers, but no luck.

Please see below to clarify data integrity:

(Invalid img)

(Invalid img)
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I see the image would not load. The error was could not load BASS library. And I will also confirm that the files are placed in the same SSD as the legit copies of F3 and FNV.
This conversion doesn't work for me either. I did everything, it started fine, but I couldn't play even after two starts. it got stuck on both infant age and birthday. The old conversion was also unusable and this one is too. It's not worth spending hours on it.
Where can I find the TTW Hotfixes?
When I click INSTAL after setting the directories I get and error saying "Unknown Archive Format". What could be the problem? Anyone know a fix for this?
game crashing after the loading projector slides, but right before the Start New Game/Load Game/Main Menu text would have loaded. waiting answer.
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Sounds like an issue with NVSE not running, did you apply the 4gb patch to the New Vegas exe or launch from the NVSE executable?

I had an issue awhile ago similar to this and it was because I had to restore the original exe for the TTW installer to run and forgot to change it back.
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it was because of FCO - The Last Few Edits
crashing after the loading projector slides, but right before the Start New Game/Load Game/Main Menu text would have loaded, need a more clear answer than the one in the FAQ because can't find the "\main\Hud_Main_Menu.xml" or "\options\Start_Menu.xml".
is there a way to fix the invalid error?
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There is a frequently asked questions. If you need more help, our discord chat can help https://discord.gg/taleoftwowastelands
Just an heads up... this has a shitty hosting that screws you depending on browser....
Downloaded on Firefox for 6 hours at 50Kb/s (I have a Gigabit connection...) and failed at 770Mb.... Restarted and its again at 150Kbs....

Tried Chrome coz why not... 5 secs later had the file!
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I downloaded it off firefox and 15MB/s, maybe it's just iffy, dunno.
why on gods green earth must we use this unknown website to download?! Never had to in the past, and I have to verify my email to download? Sellouts.
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Because selfhosting got expensive and even with community donations, we were struggling to stay afloat ever since someone decided to aggressively scrape our site.

Nexus was told outright by Bethesda to not host Tale of Two Wastelands, and Eddoursul was generous enough to take us aboard.
The good news is that while it's an "unknown website", it isn't some sketchy 3rd party, it's run by an established modder in the community!
> Sellouts.
How so? Not like TTW stands to make any money.

Also I don't understand why using a website other than Nexus to downloads mods has to be a big deal. Because you need to make another account? Who cares?
Like it was said, it's all about cost. Stuff got too expensive to self-host TTW.

TTW has been uploaded to this site less than 1 month ago and already got 8k+ downloads. In the old site, we would sometimes have 50k or more downloads a month, all of this bandwidth is super expensive and money doesn't grow on trees. TTW is a non-profit project so it's not like we make any money from it and can afford to host the files ourselves.

Donations were all used to host TTW in the past and some team members also had to pay out of their own money for years. Still, even with donations we can't get enough money to host files anymore and team members can't afford to keep paying out of their own pockets either. So we changed to Mod:Pub, a reliable mod hosting site created by the trustworthy, talented and proven FNV modder Eddoursul.
"sellouts" it's not that deep. It's not that hard to see why they changed websites - to a better one at that.
Cuntwaffle by name, Cuntwaffle by nature it seems.
i feel like its broken somehow, no matter what i do, i always get two data errors when extracting the files from the installer. :c