Tale of Two Wastelands

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Hello there, I'm having problems when I want to change the graphics in the game, when I change them from "Large" to "Medium" and close the game, as indicated by the box that appears after making those types of changes, when starting the game The changes you have made return to their original state. I've already tried changing the New Vegas graphics instead of TTW but the problem persists. I've been looking for guides on how to fix this for a while but none of them help me so far. I would like to know if there is a reason for this and if it can be fixed, thank you very much.
Can't find any answer to this: I'm on Linux, and I don't see any reason why I shouldn't be able to manually and natively encode the files to ogg myself instead of running oggenc2.exe. Is this possible? I'm wondering if it might work better/go faster than doing it through Wine.
Best mod for new vegas
I just installed the mod through MO2, but it doesn't show a Tale of Two Wastelands executable in the list. I'm not sure how to proceed from here.
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You need to create a TTW Instace
What's the diference between the two i nstallers that came up in this mod ?
Im not a very experienced modder/mod installer so it may just be my incompetence but I dont have a file called update.bsa for NV?? I have steam copies of both NV and 3, so it may just be a steam error or I forgot a critical file.
I'm confused about the recent activity on the installer. It was uploaded on 27 May 2024, but the changelog is much older than that. The version number is also the same as it has been for a while, so I'm not sure if this is a change to the installer, the content of the mod itself, or neither. Where might I find this information?
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A repack to test a theory why the download sometimes gets stuck, no changes in actual content.
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Thanks for clearing that up.
Is there a fix to not being able to talk to Moriarty/Gob in the Saloon? Seems to have taken place after killing Mr. Burke. Or would I need to reload? Unfortunately played for a while thinking they just weren't talking at the moment.
Please we need download mirrors. Wherever this hosting is coming from has abysmally slow download speeds (50-100kbps). I'm on fiber internet and this is ridiculous.
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Reporting low download speed, please, share your location, a country or at least a continent. The hosting is from Cloudflare, and most users are able to utilize their full speed. To diagnoze or report slow speed, I need more information.
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I'm from South East Asia. I have tried multiple times to reset the download as well as switching browsers, but it didn't help a bit.
I also experienced the same problem and I also come from Southeast Asia too, namely Indonesia
yea no i cant install the file in SEA
Getting 60 KBps in North America, gigabit fiber connection
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Seems like a Cloudflare problem, got 30 MBps on the third retry
Me too, I'm from Indonesia and I'm still capped to 15kbps, it's ridiculous.
I just rolled out cross region file replication. Files are now served from locations in North America (East Coast), Western Europe, and Asia-Pacific. By default, download location is selected automatically. Preferred download region can be selected in your account.
I've done everything, I have all the required mods, I have the falloutcustom.ini in /mygames/FalloutNV the fallout.ini has the BSA archives listed, Vortex archive invalidation is on, and all the plugins are working normally. Am I dumb? Or is this just a bug? I really don't want to switch to FoMM or MO2.,I only want to do that as a last resort. Please help.