Renameable containers.
For a small fee, send your items between different stashes via Mojave Express (Configure -> Send items…).
Homes can be renamed now.
Asks what to do with items, if container is not empty.
Uses GetIsPoison instead of homebaked poison detection.
Added custom item prefixer, enabled via the optional file.
Fixed returning of crafting supplies to multiple containers.
Pulls crafting supplies from companions’ inventories as well (and puts them back). This feature is enabled everywhere, not only in player homes.
Added support for Sierra Madre vending machines.
Pulling supplies for crafting now supports workbenches of all types, including mod-added ones, if there are any.
Automatically keep items, pinned in Just Weapon Hweel.
Reorganized weapons retrieval, split filtering weapons by type and skill into separate menus.
Better support for room themes and upgrades.
Restore player’s equipment on closing the keep/remove list.
Added a workaround for a bug in RemoveItemTarget, causing armor effects to get stuck on the player.
Campfire supplies became “Raw food” – covers all food, included in campfire recipes. The “Food” category became “Cooked food” – final form of food, ready to eat or sell.
Workbench and reloading supplies are no longer sorted as a subset of all form types, they are now a subgroup of misc items. To retrieve crafting supplies of all form types, use the “Retrieve” dialog.
Added support for exterior cells, owned by the player.
Unarmed, melee, and energy weapons are now grouped by skill instead of equipment type.
Removal of multiple items from keep and remove lists worked incorrectly.
Ingestibles, restoring limbs and removing venoms, are now considered Meds.
bUseWASDAsArrowKeys of lStewieAl’s Tweaks is now a recommended option. To accomodate closing dialogs with Tab, the “Back” buttons have been moved to the bottom of dialogs.
Refactoring and de-duplication in sorting functions.
Added optional unburdening review (thanks, IDontEvenKnow).
Fixed magazine removal.
Do not include magazines in food inventory sorting.
Clear or do not add custom item destination, when the item is placed manually into its category destination.
Show number of custom item destinations in the slave container menu.
Automatically keep ammo for weapons in the ‘Always Keep’ list.
Improved meds sorting, now it includes food and chems with the Medicine flag.
Mark containers as ignored.
Overview and delete item-specific destinations from container menu.
Keep Vault 13 Canteen by default.
Do not show the tutorial corner message until character generation is finished.
Added support for poisons.
Added quick ammo retrieval for all carried weapons.
During unburdening, keep ammo for hotkeyed weapons as well.
Fixed: One item could be left out during batch retrieval.
Fixed: Do not include magazines in food retrieval.