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Main files

Enderal SE
Version 2.0.12-hotfix.4  ·  7.61 GiB

Steam and GOG releases are based on this version.

To download without registration, use this torrent and follow the instructions.
2.0.12+ is not compatible with Enderal VR yet, get 2.0.11 instead.

Optional files

Behaviors Pack
Version 1.0.0  ·  10.66 MiB

This add-on is required if you are going to use FNIS or Nemesis.
Use the load order: 1) FNIS or Nemesis, 2) this pack, 3) new behavior mods. Run FNIS/Nemesis. Messed up? Reinstall the pack to reset it, revise your load order, and try again.

Enderal SE Steam Time Tracking and Achievements
Version 1.0.2  ·  193.91 KiB

Supports SSE 1.5.97-1.6.640. Sends achievements to the Special Edition Steam page. Do not install without "Enderal: Forgotten Stories (Special Edition)" added to your Steam library. Optionally, can send achivements to the Enderal LE page instead, set SendAchievementsToLE = true in EnderalSteam.ini.