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To report an issue with unmodded Enderal SE, upload your savegame and screenshots somewhere and posts the links here. Complaints without any materials are not actionable, sorry. No support provided for modded setups, but you probably know that.
If you prefer Discord, join us here.

Supported Skyrim SE versions: 1.5.97, 1.6.640 (Steam), 1.6.659 (GOG).
1.6.1170 support will be added to the upcoming 2.1 release.
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Just wanted to mention a problem I encountered while handing in a quest in the game. Sadly I dont have any screenshots or files to share since the turn in of the quest about "granting the wishing wells their wishes" or whatever corrupted all of my gamefiles with that specific character. It was the first well speaking of a golden goblet and a green stone. Ofcourse I don´t know if its the true source of the problem but since it happened as it happened I just wanted to put it out there for your knowledge.
I´ve already tried to remove savefiles to try to find the one with the problem but I´m down to the last one and same story there. Bye level 60, new game it is haha.

Might aswell mention that I play via steam if that makes any difference.
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Good afternoon!

I'd like to report a bug with unmodded Enderal SE on Steam that I've run into on multiple playthroughs.

When you give Mael Dal'Loran the signed contract to join the Golden Sickle, it breaks the normal friendly NPC behavior that should occur when you commit an assault.  Before I hand over the signed contract, attacking a friendly NPC results in getting a bounty on my head and the nearby friendly NPCs suddenly becoming hostile and attacking me.  However, after I hand over the signed contract, attacking a friendly NPC doesn't result in a bounty and the nearby friendly NPCs don't become hostile and attack me.  I can run around Ark attacking all of the NPCs and no one cares - even the guards ignore me while I attack them.  If I actually kill a friendly NPC, I get a bounty and the nearby NPCs become hostile per usual.

I believe that the bug has something to do with the NPC Aggression variable being changed when you hand Mael Dal'Loran the signed contract.  I avoid the Golden Sickle questline due to this bug.  It would be fantastic if it could be fixed!

Here is my saved game: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1c0E9WWWGc8OkC7z5V-JTWhEEOhFkM1LK?usp=drive_link

I created this save immediately before handing Mael Dal'Loran the signed contract so you can easily test NPC behavior before and after taking that action.  I hope this helps!  Feel free to let me know if you have any follow-up questions.

I absolutely love Enderal and I'd be honored to be able to make this tiny contribution help to make this incredible game even better!

Thank you
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I see how this happens - you become a member of the Golden Sickle faction, and Golden Sickle members are marked as allies to all citizens of Ark. Adding bounty for attacking NPCs happens in the engine, and Skyrim ignores attacks on allies. I added this issue to the backlog, thanks.
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That makes sense!  Thank you so much.
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after changing the resolution, the game only starts in a small window.
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If you are talking about the Steam installation, open Data\SKSE\Plugins\SSEDisplayTweaks.ini , find the [Render] section, uncomment the lines
and set your own resolution.