To report an issue with unmodded Enderal SE, upload your savegame and screenshots somewhere and posts the links here. Complaints without any materials are not actionable, sorry. No support provided for modded setups, but you probably know that.
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Supported Skyrim SE versions: 1.5.97, 1.6.640-1.6.1179 (Steam or GOG).

Enderal SE 2.1 introduces many changes, breaking backward compatibility with some mods. The last 2.0 build can be downloaded from the 'Old Files' section.

With release of Enderal SE 2.1, I no longer provide support for pre-2.1 versions (this includes Steam and GOG releases I discontinued in 2022). If you are experiencing issues with launching the game, the launcher, display settings, hardware, SkyUI, Steam or GOG, achievements, or anything happening before you load into the game, please, redirect your questions to SureAI's Discord or Reddit.
Updated the web installer, now enables DPI awareness for SkyrimSE.exe, writes screen resolution into SkyrimPrefs.ini, and adds display settings shortcuts.
Just downloaded, and I'm running into a slight issue. The display resolution is unusually large. Almost half my screen is missing in Enderal, even though the resolution is just fine in Skyrim. I can't find anything in options to fix it, which makes me worried that portion is cut out. Please advise.
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- Launch Skyrim Launcher from MO2 (Start Menu -> Enderal SE -> Manage mods) and check if your resolution is correct.
- Install DPI Scaling Fix.
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I launched the game from MO2, resolution was still too large. I downloaded DPI Scaling Fix, put it in C:\Games\Enderal SE\Game\Data\SKSE\Plugins and it was still the same when I loaded up Enderal with MO2. Did I put it in the wrong folder? or do I need to do something else after putting it in the folder?
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Figured it out, I had to locate/uncheck the "Use profile specific INI files" box.
crouch button and changing the view for controller gameplay doesnt work. tried switching out controllers but still unresponsive.
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Not an Enderal issue, look for a solution for Skyrim.
Hello! Enderal and SKSE both ship with a "game.pex" file, which one should I use?

Thank you for continuing to support this game!
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Game.pex used to contain the function unlocking Enderal's Steam achievements. In 2.0.12, I moved it to a dedicated script because users sometimes installed SKSE on top of Enderal, breaking achievements. Enderal no longer calls Game.pex for achievements, but some older mods may still do this, so I still ship it with UnlockAchievement just in case.

In other words, if you play vanilla - it doesn't matter, if you play with mods on Steam - use Game.pex from Enderal.
Please allow me to extend my highest respect to you, you are the true modder
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Greyed out dialogue becomes white after starting up the game again
I have a problem after turning off the game the dialogues do not save and are white for example in the bank after un-clicking his comment about creating an account it appears again after turning off the game.
Okay so Ive been playing today for about 3 hours, then when I use a teleport scroll (Fully charged it too, always waiting a good 10 seconds just to be sure), I am stuck like a good 10 minutes. Sure I had other stuff to do that the 10 minutes passed by, im just stuck unable to move or open any tab, except the main menu tab oddly enough. I had to load from the save that I saved yesterday that had teleport scrolls working so that it works. There is some sort of spaghetti code in the teleport that fries between after casting the spell and me going into the normal teleport animation that buffers it to eternity. Hope someone finds the spaghetti and eat-uhh fix it. Imma rebuild those 3 hours of gaming with careful saving.
The question is about the quiver of arrows. The SE has a quiver of arrows on its back, not on its belt. Is there any way to fix this?
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Quivers ARE on belt in SE. You probably installed XPMSSE and reverted this change.
Enderal SE already uses XPMSSE skeletons by default, with patched quiver position.
Hello there c:

I'm very much enjoying Enderal SE, but I encountered a minor bug I'd like to report. In the Capital City at the merchant district one of the shops seams to stay locked even tho it's day time. I tried the usual - sleeping in game, reloading saves, restarting the game - nothing seems to change the status of the shop's door

Link to save file and screenshots archive:

I'm playing the Polish translation, unmoded. through steam launcher

Thank you in advance and great work for making such a wonderful experience!
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Several NPCs got stuck in the Nobles Quarter, one of them is the owner of this place, so there is no one to unlock the door. Go there by foot, loading into the Nobles Quarter seems to resolve this issue. You will need to wait until Edmund reaches his shop.
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Thank you for the quick reply, all is good now c:
Не корректно работает shift+ tab, в стиме всё включено, в других играх всё в порядке,в enderal он открывается но ни чего нету только курсор мыши и всё,как исправить? SE версия