How to install Enderal SE from a torrent

11 September 2023, 13:16  |  Posted by Eddoursul  |  1358 views
  • Install qBittorrent.
  • Create a new Skyrim SE instance in your Mod Organizer 2 (even if you already have one).
  • If using the GOG version of Skyrim and a pre-2.5 version of MO2, install updated Skyrim SE plugin with GOG support from MO2’s Nexus page. Skip this step in all other cases.
  • Download the torrent (how?) to your mods directory in this instance. This will add Enderal SE as a mod to MO2.
  • Remove Creation Club plugins (or move them to a separate mod and disable).
  • Configure the game as usual with Skyrim Launcher.
  • Run Enderal SE through MO2 with skse64_loader.exe.

If you still have normal Skyrim SE starting, your Windows Defender or some other antivirus must have prevented MO2 from running properly. Whitelist MO2’s directory.

To update Enderal SE, delete previous version from your MO2 completely and install a new version.