- Fixed hidden stashes not showing up (reported by Kapnobatai).
- Fixed incorrectly assigned racial bonus during quick start (reported by icarosasori).
- Fixed the Quick Reflexes slow down effect sometimes getting stuck.
- Fixed description of the "Vandal: Barbarian" perk (thanks, LevinLozenges).
This update requires starting a new game.
As of this release, Enderal SE is compatible with Skyrim SE 1.5.97 and 1.6.640-1.6.1179.

Core changes:
- Remapped two new Enderal races to match Skyrim FormIDs. Patching races is no longer required to convert Skyrim armor mods, some of them are now compatible without any changes.
- The core quest Levelsystem and its scripts, including _00E_QuestFunctions, have been refactored into separate, smaller components to ensure better Enderal moddability (do not confuse with mod compatibility). This is a major change, breaking compatibility with mods, referencing Levelsystem.
- Many core scripts now have internal version control. Versions of all scripts start with 1 and will be incremented individually. When a mod modifies a script with its older revision, user sees a warning.
- All Enderal scripts and used Skyrim scripts have been repacked into self-contained 'E - Misc.bsa'. 'Skyrim - Misc.bsa' is overridden by an empty archive, removing almost 13000 scripts from registration in runtime. To modify Enderal scripts, just install ScriptsEnderal.zip as a mod.
- Lockpicking gold bonuses and skill requirements, hidden stashes, unlock scrolls were reworked from hundreds of attached scripts to centralized controllers.
- Combat music has been reverted to the Skyrim's threat-based algorithm instead of checking only enemy level.
- As part of the ongoing project to make Enderal playable without SKSE, many components were refactored to work without SKSE or scripts at all.

Engine tweaks:
- Pre-rendered cutscenes can be interrupted.
- Due to Bink playback freezing in bordered window, borderless mode is now enforced by default (based on SSE Display Tweaks by SlavicPotato, togglable in EnderalSE.ini).
- The achievement fix is now included. (It serves only aesthetic purpose in Enderal, removing the [M] label from modded savegames.)

(Work in progress) Improved VR support:
- Fixed tree models with removed specularity flags from Enderal VR by sasa2727 - fixes their appearance in VR.
- EnderalSE.dll is now built with Skyrim VR compatibility.
- Added UI lines from Skyrim VR.
- Video playback is automatically disabled on unsupported platforms.

User interface:
- All crucial UI tweaks moved to DLL, including locked dialogs and keeping health bar visible below 100%. Remaining interface files contain only nice-to-have tweaks, making all Skyrim UI overhauls compatible without patching.
- Tab opens quest journal in locked dialogs (like in Enderal LE).
- The hero menu is more responsive, can be opened through the Skills option on Tab and Quick Stats hotkey, added widescreen support.
- Custom map markers can be placed on discovered locations (from powerofthree's Tweaks).
- Disabled the confirmation box to place a map marker on an undiscovered location.
- Added an MCM option to toggle companion health bars.
- SkyUI font is set to 'large' by default.
- Updated Polish UI translation.

Gameplay changes:
- Added map markers to wishing wells.
- Fixed rare cases, when bounty targets could not be killed.
- Dijaam might not reach her marker and break the scene with Dal'Loran.
- Fixed several progression issues in Forgotten Homeland II and III.
- Fixed visibility of the picnic quest marker in Cuthbert's Legacy (regression since 2.0.12).
- Fixed the issue, when Ark citizens stopped reacting to player's crimes after signing contract with the Golden Sickle (reported by BallOfFire).
- Patched a source of infinite money, appearing during Every Day Like the Last, Part VI.
- Player no longer can leave the first conversation with Jespar.
- Fixed inability to dismantle items after buying a house (regression since 2.0.12).
- Fixed the Manhunter never actually attacking player.
- Black Light, Part II: Fixed a concurrency issue, sometimes preventing the quest from starting or progressing. Fixed Yuslan hanging in the air during the Coarek scene.
- A Song in the Silence: fixed the Oorbaya fighting an invisible enemy, fixed explosions firing repeatedly after its dying from a torrent spell.
- Instant dismantling list generation. Extra copies of equipped items can be dismantled as well.
- Due to changes in time calculation with active Slow Time effect in Skyrim SE 1.6+, echo visions started to end prematurely. Durations of the echoes have been updated for 1.6, but the slowdown effect now stays a few seconds too long on 1.5.97. Completed an unfinished vision in The Shards of Order, Part II.
- Added missing critical damage chance to 13 items, more consistent sound detection parameters.
- Updated dagger crit bonuses: minimum multiplier set to 2, fixed missing crit bonus with the Ambush daggers, increased bonus with mystical and unique items.
- Added quick start, allowing to start from the first meditation.
- Reworked autosave system. Timed autosaves are now rotated in their own queue and no longer get overwritten by regular Skyrim autosaves on travel or sleep.
- The Blueprint Collection moved to the MISC section, it is no longer sold in the bank and is added automatically with the first found blueprint.
- Added an option to automatically store single copies of blueprints, leaving duplicates in inventory.
- Added an MCM option to toggle kill moves. bVATSdisable is taken into account only on new game, mid-game it obeys the KillMove global variable.
- Added CritterSpawn Congestion Fix by Excinerus.
- Fixed insects not spawning between 18:00 and 20:00.
- Added Butterflies Unchained by runesick. To balance out added difficulty, doubled the amount of spawned moths in A Song in the Silence.
- Ice Claws are now consumed without picking them up (inspired by root1's mod). Eating one shows a corner notification with new carry weight.
- Oil traps ignite from hitting with shock spells and from stepping in with equipped fire or shock spells, fixed other cases when they did not ignite but should have.
- Reduced damage dealt by Lords of the Lost Ones and Dal'Galar's servants by 35%, slightly lowered damage from Elemental Wolves and Mad Rats, removed x10 multiplier from Fire Elemental's punches.
- Fixed pipe smoking, sometimes starting on reading some receipts and opening some containers (now for sure).
- Made the Spectral Chest actor essential, should fix the issue with disappearing items.
- Moved hidden talking actors in Pentas' house out of player's reach.
- When Jespar, Calia, or Esme follow player, teleportation is disabled.
- Added a workaround against actors getting stuck in fake bleedout state.
- God mode no longer saves from scripted death (for example, due to high Arcane Fever).
- Removed several wolves from the Sun Coast.
- Fixed Spriggan's visual effects.
- Captain Rocco's hat has been made lootable.
- Fixed pickup sounds not playing on first try after game start.
- Added a collision fix for the Ark's Last Watch by OverDev.
- Improved controller support:
-- Added a return activator to the meditation area.
-- When using controller, text inputs are automatically disabled or replaced with a select menu.
-- Removed password inputs from Dal'Galar's locks.
- QuickLoot support - released as a mod https://mod.pub/enderal-se/131-enderal-se-quickloot-patch
- Many small fixes and optimizations.

Werewolf updates:
- Expanded the collision box, making werewolves and melee builds more viable against other werewolves, Bonerippers, and Vatyrs.
- Temporarily disabled the broken mauling killcam until it gets a proper fix (the delay is fixed, getting stuck in 1st person mode is not).
- Werewolf killmoves play on the last hostile actors.
- Fixed inability to turn off werewolf killmoves.
- Fixed inability to break spider webs.
- Werewolf does not need a shovel to dig up a mound.
- Fixed restoring player's speed with applied speedmult effects.
- Fixed Wolf Claws turning player into a werewolf without drinking a potion.
- Improved werewolf behaviors from Precision Creatures by NickaNak.
- Fixed infinite loop in _00E_BelloScript, reported by Lirk.
- Removed underscores from Qyra's Editor ID - fixes visibility of saves, made during an alternative ending.

- Fixed holes in barkeeper's legs and misaligned shoes.

- Fixed dogs barking silently.
- Fixed lighting of zoomed-in items in inventory.

- Fixed specular map in rock_moss03_n_dxt1.dds, causing glossy ground in some places.
- Fixed UV map in esr_nl_plank01.nif and esr_nl_plank02.nif.
- Applied a proper texture to oldcitydwellingstairs.nif.
2.0.12-hotfix.4 2022-09-30
- Skyrim SE 1.6.640 (Steam) and 1.6.659 (GOG) support.
- Fixed the dialog quit popup appearing in non-locked conversations.
- Making a Wolf Blood in Call of the Hunt led to the objective to drink Chymikum, and vice versa.
2.0.12-hotfix.3 2022-09-16
- Excluded a few distant cells from testing, fixes compatibility with SkyVRaan.
- Reverted dialoguemenu.swf to the pre-2.0.12 version and replaced quest journal in locked dialogs with a quit prompt. Discarded solution caused decreased input delay in menu mode and was making scrolling unusable.
- Reverted the Armor Addon Fix for Qyranians and Arazealeans, was enabling to equip two necklaces and two rings.
- NPCs, shattered after being frozen with Arctic Wind, were respawning in frozen state.


- Fixed a neck hole in Vagrant Dress.
- Mesh improvements in meshes/clutter/common/cratesmall*.nif – textures, normals, geometry issues.
2.0.12-hotfix.2 2022-09-12
– The Father’s arrival scene might fail to properly start (reported by KappaPride).
2.0.12-hotfix.1 2022-09-11
– Fixed inability to create quest potions if 2.0.12 was installed during certain quest stages.
2.0.12 2022-09-08
– Added Polish translation by Anna Łagowska, Szymon Wrzos, Bartłomiej Jabłoński, and contributors.
– Dead skeletons now use the rigid skeleton model, like Skyrim does. Fixes loose bones stalking player in exterior cells.
– Working Shadow Dancer affinity: if a weak enemy was killed under the Psychosis effect, it will be reanimated to fight on player’s side for 60 seconds.
– Jespar might stop following player in the Word of the Dead after combat (reported by Wolf00).
– Improved audio volume manipulation in the accusation scene. Instead of setting the volume to 100%, it’s increased by 15-25% and restored afterwards.
– Switched loadingmenu.swf to 60 FPS – yes, it is now even faster.
– Fixed a dialog option with Silia Foxhand not showing up due to being too long.
– Fixed compatibility of Lishari’s ritual with Better Jumping SE.
– Fixed Mimicry not working in the Undercity.
– Fixed apparitions fleeing from enemies when in the werewolf form (Soul Caller).
– Fixed chatter about disappeared Rhalaims before the quest even started.
– Fixed incorrect water type near a bandit camp near Ark (reported by Atmene).
– Added a bug report link to the main menu, opening the Enderal SE discord.
– To work around the engine bug, causing skills to level up, Enderal now requires full game restart, if user wants to start a new game after quitting to the main menu.
– Moved SetActorScale from _00E_QuestFunctions to a dedicated script to workaround the issue, when users overwrite _00E_QuestFunctions installing outdated mods and break player rescaling.
– Fixed behavior of two dogs in the Noble Quarter, they no longer sit in one place through the whole game.
– You can now keep the second Rune Key from the Abandoned Temple.
– Added the VendorItemFoodRaw keyword to fruits and vegetables.
– Added oranges to orange baskets.
– Removed the Can’t Be Taken flag from three books – The Blade Master, The Seraph, and The Swashbuckler. Fixes inability to pick them up with the corresponding patch in po3’s Tweaks.
– Fixed powder barrels not blowing up from hit with a fire arrow (reported by _FREE__P0TAT0_).
– The Purge spell no longer affects companions and allies.
– Added a fix for Abomination fleeing from enemies (based on Ixion’s Bug Fixes).
– Improved visibility of Arcane Fever warnings, showing them as help messages (in the middle of the screen).
– Fixed help messages getting permanently stuck, if a savegame was loaded while they are on the screen.
– Fixed the warning on the Nobles Quarter gates getting triggered by NPCs during Black Light Part 2.
– Fixed a broken pine in the ravine (reported by Kapnobatai).
– Set fAIAwareofPlayerTimer to 0 – an experimental fix for NPCs following player through doors while talking.
– Removed a low-res texture of Pennypouches’ attire falling back to the Skyrim variant.
– Removed 1 Gb of Skyrim textures. Enderal textures now fit into two BSA archives.
– Refactored player aliases in three quests – The Elixir, Cuthbert’s Legacy, werewolf alchemy control – to get rid of unfiltered OnItemAdd/OnItemRemoved listeners, causing stack dumping in Papyrus when moving large quantities of items. Opens the road to automated item sorters.
– Added fixes for two Skyrim scripts, causing infinite loop in background – TrapSwingingWall by subhuman100 and Unnecessarily Fixed Fixed Dragon Stalking Fix by tarlazo and KirbonatedBeverage.
– Moved UnlockAchievement from Game.pex to a dedicated script, Steam.pex, to prevent cases when users install SKSE on top of Enderal, overwriting Game.pex and breaking their achievements.
– All crafting prompts are now perk-based. Removed scripts _00E_Theriantrophist_BlockCraftingSC, FS_NQ05_AlchemyScript, and FS_NQ07_AlchemyScript from all crafting stations. They should no longer be added to any new objects.
– Restored the root node of the Story Manager, without which most story events did not show up in CK.
– Repacked E – Misc.bsa with the RetainNames flag – fixes inability to add Enderal scripts to objects in CK (reported by OverDev).

– Both of Enderal’s DLLs have been rewritten to CommonLibSSE-NG and rebuilt for compatibility with SE+AE:
— They now require Address Library for SKSE Plugins.
— Renamed fs.dll to EnderalSE.dll, its internal name changed from fs_skse_functions to EnderalSE.
— Renamed fs_steam.dll to EnderalSteam.dll, its internal name changed from fs_skse_steam to EnderalSteam.
— Flat Map Markers and Stay At The System Page have been included into EnderalSE.dll (based on Ryan McKenzie’s code, released by the MIT license).
— Added INI options EnderalSE.ini and EnderalSteam.ini.
— EnderalSE.dll now performs compatibility checks on game load and warns about found issues. The game will unconditionally show an error and close after detecting Skyrim DLC, Creation Club content, and USSEP. In the main menu, the game will check for loaded Skyrim worldspaces and cells, unconverted map data, and verify integrity of important game objects.

– SKSE is now the only hard requirement for Enderal:
— Refactored _00E_Theriantrophist_AlchemyControl to use vanilla arrays instead of JContainers.
— Moved MCM from the Levelsystem quest and refactored health bars to SKSE events, allowing to play without SkyUI. (There is no alternative way to change Enderal settings yet.)


– Fixed a bunch of minor pathfinding issues in the exterior of Noble and Myrad quarters of Ark.
– Fixed Fine Leather boots having the wrong model and their male version not being weighted. Fixed Fine Leather hood not being weighted for female Aeternas. Reported by SwoleTurtle.
– Fixes for female version of “Endralean Sublime Garb”.
– Mesh fixes for 42 files in Meshes\Enderal\Miscellaneous – vertex normals, coloring, light/shadow artifacts on some very common statics.
– Mesh fixes for 113 files in Meshes\Enderal\Medievalpack – fixed geometry, texturing and normal bugs, somewhat improved vertex coloring.
– Ark’s quarters and exterior of Frostcliff Tavern – fixed objects suddenly popping up/disappearing when you round a corner or turn the camera.
– Fixed wrong textures on parts of Ark’s main bridge.
– Regenerated normal textures for some very common wooden beaming and planking and for the tips of the columns of the main (dam) bridge of Ark. This fixes black spot artifacts on a whole bunch of houses, scaffolds and fences in Ark, Farmers Coast, the Frostcliffs, etc.
– Fixed the Oak Bow not being craftable by adding its blueprint to the basic crafting plan merchant leveled list, to the rest of the steel-tier weapon blueprints (reported by KuroPurple).
– Moved posters in the Nobles Quarter closer to the walls.
– Shrunk another couple of occlusion planes in the Sun Temple courtyard, to fix stuff popping in/out on camera turns.


– Moved the quivers for female characters to the hip in the female skeleton, just like it is for the male version.
– Fixed a typo in the Blade Master affinity description and specified that the HP of the enemy is absorbed in the description of the Ravager affinity.
– Removed low-res face textures, falling back to hi-res SSE assets.
– Minor visual adjustments for the docks assets at the Myrad in the South Quarter, floating excess rope, poles stuck into each other etc.


– Head mesh fixes 4.0:
– Added separate female and male meshes for the eyes used during the cleansing. They use the original textures, as well as suitable shaders and NIF settings.
– Replaced all male and female eye .nif meshes and CharGen morph .tri files to fix invisiblity clipping issues.
– Incorporated the fix found in ‘ENB Brow fix’ for the male and female brow meshes.
– Used the changes found in ‘SUEMR SSE with Bijin AIO 2019 Support’ and ‘Invisibility and Eyes Mesh Fix by HHaleyy’ as inspiration/instruction to alter the male, female and children’s eyes meshes.
– Used the changes found in ‘Double Sided Vertex Human Mouth Fix SSE’ as inspiration to alter the male, female and children’s mouth mesh.
– Changed several male NPCs that were using the special beards _00E_BeardTealor and _00E_MC_LexBeard to use the corresponding vanilla beards. This results in their hairs and beards to look more similar colour- and texture-wise.
– Changed two NPCs present during the cleansing to use the correct cleansing eyes.
– Changed another NPC (not present during the cleansing) to not use the cleansing eyes, but the blind human ones (which are similar in appearance). This ensures that only NPCs during in the cleansing use the cleansing eyes.
2.0.11 2021-12-16
– Fixed inability to talk to Rasha after defeating Raga Shadowclaw.
– Head mesh fixes by dovaya (thanks!): added missing skin tones, fixed face assets used from the opposite gender, corrected eyes of some characters during the Cleansing, correct .tri morphs for female eyes of the possessed.
– Restored Fortify Two-Handed potions, squeezed out by lycanthropy potions in FS (reported by Erik3003). Replaces Resist Poison from Date and Restore Mana from Sugar with increased magnitude.
– Fixed Unholy Axe not applying poison damage to the Qyranians.
– String files are unpacked again – fixes compatibility with Skyrim VR. Added dependency check for JContainers VR.
– Updated Russian translation (thanks, Facenapalm).
– Restored some Skyrim content to improve compatibility with Skyrim armor mods. These additions do NOT make Skyrim mods compatible automatically, but they do make porting them much easier:
— Skyrim races NordRace and RedguardRace, named Arazealean and Qyranian and flagged as non-playable by default.
— Smithing perk records, added to player by default. They do not have any effects attached and only serve as validators in recipe conditions.
— Survival mode keywords.
2.0.10 2021-12-12
– Added support for Skyrim: Anniversary Edition.
– Removed code for upgrading from pre-1.6.2 versions.
– Fixed CTD, caused by the Slowdown effect, attempting to run on non-actors (Ice Spike, Psychosis), reported by OverDev.
– Fixed inability to talk to Jespar in Every Day Like the Last, Part II, if player arrives to the roof before him. Fixed force-greeting with a generic line.
– Fixed possible music disappearing and weather getting stuck after The Voice from the Water.
– Fixed mud elementals and trolls fleeing from enemies.
– Fixed hitboxes of the Burned Flesh and Father.
– Fixed the Burned Flesh not attacking the player.
– Fixed inability to lure Maxus to dinner with Aurora after talking to another NPC.
– Fixed Jespar not following player in the beginning of “The Word of the Dead”.
– Fixed Yaela getting stuck in front of the Starling tablet with directions, when the scouting party has weapons out.
– Fixed the Strengthen Apparition spell not being applied to summoned creatures (regression since 2.0.8, reported by reee).
– Fixed map marker to Old Sotyris in “Hidden in the Puzzle”.
– Fixed Calia not equipping her sword correctly in the Forbidden Tunnel.
– Restored revised book texts, overridden by old editions in FS.esm at some point before the final LE patch.
– Starling Bird is now marked essential instead of protected, it can’t be killed anymore.
– Yero’s diaries can be turned in before visiting Alfrid first.
– Yero’s Powerful Mud Elemental no longer respawns, supplying unlimited amount of Yero’s Last Words.
– Revised costs of equipment spectralizing. Spell costs now directly correlate to their magicka costs. Increased importance of base damage and tempering for weapons.
– Quest objectives in the Elixir automatically marked as completed when required quantity is collected (reported by 0570). Refactored ingredient tracking, removed scripts from the elixir ingredients.
– Disabled respawning of ore veins, world-placed items in uninhabited locations, and valuable items in inhabited locations.
– Changed a pit fighter’s package in the Dust Pit to sandboxing, so he doesn’t stand on Yuslan’s path, forcing him to teleport.
– Ryneus now wears his amulet.
– Added the “Don’t Havok Settle” flag to all world-placed books.
– Fixed incorrectly loading ground textures in front of the Abandoned Temple.
– Map lighting no longer depends on the time of the day.
– Fixed the intro track getting stuck between game loads.
– Made Tiwon protected to prevent his accidental death before finishing his quest.
– Improved NPC sandboxing in Ark Market. Fixed idle markers sinking into the ground.
– Significantly reduced repetitive idle chatting of NPCs.
– Fixed Varnhvar’s sleeping package pointing to an already occupied bed.
– Fixed invalid ragdoll data of multiple corpses and skeletons causing them to stalk the player.
– Converted root node of 27 tree models from BSFadeNode to BSLeafAnimNode.
– Flatter pebble meshes (from Shorter Grass by Fhaarkas).
– Fixed a non-activatable warehouse door in Silvergrove.
– Added dependency checks for SKSE, fs.dll, and JContainers.
– Properly integrated Enderal inventory icons into SkyUI, it is now possible to switch between 5 icon themes in the MCM.
– Integrated the Ghost Item Bug Fix for SkyUI by EdmanSA.
– Updated Korean and Russian translations.
For the Greater Good fixes:
— Fixed the explanation scene getting stuck if Tealor is not on his marker.
— Fixed Papyrus out-of-bounds errors due to non-matching count of keepers and quest aliases.
— Fixed the apothecary missing during interrogation.
— Fixed additional spectators never arriving to Tealor’s speech.
— Fixed CTD while talking to Tealor in his chamber.


– Reworked house furnishing system, see the help message for updated controls.
– Placeable alchemy workbenches now support creating potions for The Elixir and Cuthbert’s Legacy.
– Allowed werewolf transformation and apparitions in inhabited locations with hostiles, like Upper Haystacks, basements on the Farmer’s Coast, etc.
– And vice versa – disallowed them in multiple non-hostile locations in cities.
– Added empty music track to the _NONE playlist, unused in Enderal, but sometimes reused in mods and causing CTD due to being empty.
– Tweaked confidence and melee reach values of some creatures.
– Fixed the 50% chance in the “Infiltrator: Bloodlust” perk.
– Added missing Fortify Enchanting and Fortify Alchemy effects to Soul Caller.
– Fixed enemies teleporting to the player after breaking free from the Arctic Wind.
– Fixed Half-Aeterna characters gaining height after “Black Light, Part III”.
– More gradual weather switching in Ark outskirts during the siege.
– Fixed visibility of Nehrimese ships.
– Sound volume of Koppophone can be set to 25%. It no longer stops all music in the game, when muted.
– Fixed an exploit, allowing health regeneration of apparitions in combat.
– Fixed headtracking of werewolf apparitions.
– Fixed pipe smoking, sometimes starting on reading some receipts and opening some containers.
– Fixed melee buffs sometimes not applying correctly.
– Fixed idle movements of frozen enemies.


– Fixed scale and collision of mud elementals.
– Bigger stairs and bridge in Yero’s cave.
– Added the drunk sinking head idle fix.
– All mosses, fog sponges, and glimmerdust no longer can be looted in Lishari’s memory.
– Fixed a hole in the Old Starling Workshop underwater in which you could swim through and leave the level bounds.
– Fixed the UV map of the two lower common tables.
– Fixed Starling Cuirass: closed the holes at the neck and arms + unified their look, the shoulder plates also don’t clip anymore.
– Fixed texture placement on the Wandering Mage set.
– Fixed weight scaling of the Heart of the Swashbuckler.
– Fixed textures of the Heart of the Swashbuckler.
– Fixed clipping of the first person monk robes.
– Fixed mismatched robe colors in first and third person.
– Fixed clipping hands in first person for most robes.
– Fixed gaps between hands and sleeves in FarmerClothes02.

Hans Halber:

– Fixed positioning of candles in Riverville.
– Properly working soul trap effect on bound weapons.


– Fixed vendor keywords on many book recipes, ingredients, and misc items.
– Fixed food effects, inconsistent with other items or with their appearance.
– Removed vendor keywords from decayed items.
– Added VendorItemRecipe to recipes to allow alchemists to buy/sell them.
– Made the leveled list _00ETraderAmmo actually leveled. Added a few missing ammo types.
– Fixed blue glowing on the stone near Yero’s house.
– Belt-fastened quivers, matching the animation. Thanks, OverDev!
– Reworked main menu in quest_journal.swf. Re-added Quicksave, moved it to the second position, and made the menu scrolled to it by default, making Quit visible right away.
– Added a check for incompatible dialoguemenu.swf replacers. If dialoguemenu.swf doesn’t support dialog locking, user receives a warning during conversation.
– Disabled Alethor’s donkey, causing random CTDs.
– Renamed misleading option “Save on Pause” to “Autosave Interval”, which is what it actually does.
– Upper-case main menu in English version to be in line with other localizations.
– Twice as fast paper map transition (0.75->0.4).
2.0.8-hotfix.2 2021-05-09
– Hotfix for placeable phasmalism stations.
– Hotfix for displaying health, mana, and stamina in the hero menu.
– Reduced enchanting boost from Mana Salt from 10 to 1 (reported by wind).
– Fixed missing space after [Potion] and [Poison] in some languages.
– Fixed temporary effects from potions not visible in the hero menu.
– Automatically select the first and only apparition in the stats menu (statssheetmenu.swf).


– Fixed occasional CTDs shortly after an apparition is unsummoned.
– Fixed apparitions not able/not willing to use many spells from spellbooks handed to them. NOTE: Apparitions will still ignore mythical and “summon creature” spells for balancing reasons. “Summon weapon” spells will work though.
– Fixed some apparition buffs and effects from player’s perks, mostly from affinities with other classes: Spectral Warrior, Spektralist and Soulcaller. Soulcaller (transforming an apparition to a werewolf) got especially many fixes.
– On using phasmalism stations, apparitions will actually be placed in the glass tank.
– Improved following procedure: apparitions will bump less into you and will be more willing to swim when needed.
– “You cannot have an apparition … It will be banished” messages will appear when the player, not the apparition, crosses a “no apparitions” border. Also replaced the “OK” message box with a “tutorial” message appearing in the middle of the screen for several seconds.
– And other fixes and “quality of life” tweaks to phasmalism.
– (Mostly) fixed weird dark squarish patches in the open sea, most notably the ones visible from Frostcliff Mountains.
– Fixed perks stop glowing in the meditation room some days after being learnt by the player. “Expert of the Dark Arts” in Sinistrope tree and many perks in Phasmalist and Lycanthrope trees were affected by the bug (reported by Inkarion)
– Fixed Ralaf Crocco occasionally starting fights with Undercity population (reported by SPR_MQC).
– All normal children will flee combat now.
– Fixed wolves and horses not playing half of their sounds, including howling for the wolves.
– Various small tweaks and fixes to idle animations and sounds of wolves.
– Doubled the distance from the player at which randomly picked idle animations of NPCs start playing, to about 60 meters. For example, you’ll hear wolves from much further away now.
– Armors: fixed some footstep sounds (mostly from Enderal SE – Bug Fixes by Ixion), many slot assignments (a sort of hierarchy of armor pieces and body pieces when worn) and weapon positions.
– Fixed sound 3D positioning settings of Iron Arrow, Old Iron Arrow (from Enderal SE – Bug Fixes by Ixion) and Deathstorm spell projectile.
– Fixed NPC pathfinding (navmeshing) and a few minor issues in Glimmerdustcave at Sun Coast.
– Replaced “Teleport to Fogville” scrolls in several treasure mounds in Frostcliff Mountains with more appropriate “Teleport to Frostcliff Tavern” and “Teleport to Northwind Camp”.
– Fixed several patches of excessive grass on the road going west from Riverville.
– Fixed terrain patches with wrong texture paths at the Isle of Kor and the coast of Powder Desert.
– Fixed awkward mesh path of a property sign (_00E_PropertySign) and wrong texture paths of a “fall” cypress tree (gkbcyrodilcypress1fallversion.nif).
– Fixed not being able to loot perversions during “Dark Chambers Of Our Mind”.
– Herald in Ark Market will be less spammy with his announcements, making honest 3 minutes pauses between them. Also he got some improvements to his animations during the “performance”.
– Made the too loud ambient sounds in Duneville significantly quieter.
– Fixes to AI pathfinding (navmeshing) in Ark Market, the Fat Leoran tavern and the Silver Cloud brothel.
– Fixes and improvements to normal routines of several NPCs, especially in the Silver Cloud.
– Singing bards:
— Fixed all mistakes and discrepancies in the bards’ song lists. They will play every music piece available to them now, whether when asked by the player or in the “random shuffle mode” (especially the uniquely voiced Lavenia from the Red Ox, Farmers Coast).
— The “sing random song” dialogue option (“You choose one”) was moved to the bottom of the dialogue list and now will play only voiced songs, no instrumentals.
— In the Wayward Wanderer song, Timun (the False Dog, Undercity) and Lara (the Frostcliff Tavern) will be joined by a nearby idling minstrel for the flute part.
— In general, more reliable and immersive behavior/animations of all 7 singing bards and their audience NPCs, and other smaller fixes and improvements to the bards.
– Aeterna Minstrels, Ark Market:
— When the minstrels are not performing in the market, the usual ambient music tracks will be played there, as in the rest of Ark quarters.
— The minstrels will stay in their resting place for 3 days after the start of the siege of Ark, while the city is recovering from the attack and is cleaned up.
— The dancer minstrel won’t get stuck in the dance animation anymore when she ends her performance.


– Fixed collision on the tower mesh of Castle Blackstar.
– Fixed collision on the door in Ark Bank and theater.
– Fixed cacti meshes.
– Fixed stalking errand boy in “Every Day Like the Last, Part II”.
– Fixed the Wild Mage in Undercity Barracks running away and not coming back.
– Fixed non-activatable Ryneus’ door in “A Song in Silence”.
– Fixed invisible pines in Goldenforst.
– Moved Enderal functions from native Papyrus objects ObjectReference and Potion to a dedicated script – prevents creation of werewolf potions from breaking due to accidental overwriting with SKSE scripts.
– Changed Chinese interface from Skyrim SE version (Traditional Chinese) to the Enderal LE version (Simplified Chinese) to match game language. Some new strings can be found untranslated in UI.
– Removed the Quicksave button from quest journal, making the Quit button visible without scrolling – thanks, uranreactor, for “Remove QuickSave Button from SkyUI System Menu”.
– Fixed normals ground8_n.dds and ishyianstatue_n.dds – thanks, sitch.


– Made all distant trees a bit darker.
– “Old Temple” worldspace: new LOD for the terrain, trees and objects. That should conceal the instances of black terrain spots there, at least partially.
– Fixed a few ugly out-of-place trees in the quarters of Ark that came with the previous patch.
– Fixed the closest to the cliff tower at the Harbour gate to Ark. Now it’s consistent between the quarters of Ark it can be seen from and the outside.
– Auto-reset of armor weight perks on loading a save if the player is over-encumbered (a workaround for the engine bug).
– Fixed flickering lights in “Floorhammer’s Forge Work” in Ark (CapitalCityBlacksmith), reported by Relentless Zen.
– Fixed glitching lights attached to sconces with removable torches from Clearwater Cave and other locations. Reported by Relentless Zen.
– Dreameater spells: fixed the spells doing only a small fraction of damage if the target has a magic resistance, reported by camel_enjoyer.
– Dreameater spells: fixed/rebalanced stealth damage multipliers. Old values: 2x times damage on stealth attacks normally, 1.667x (reported as 3x) with “Infiltrator: Heart Shot” perk. Now will do the standard damage multipliers for distant attacks: 1.5x normally and 2.5x with “Infiltrator: Heart Shot”.
– Dreameater spells: dual casting now will increase the main damage instead of the duration (more damage per second instead of longer duration, the total damage remains the same).
– Psionic Push spells: dual casting now will properly scale the main damage of the spells.
– Some common vatyrs from the Heartlands lost their 8% magic resistance, which they had for no apparent reason, with no other vatyrs being resistant to magic.


– Added LOD (distant) models for the Morning Dew wreck, a construction wheel crane, a fishing net.
– Fixed bad lighting on the distant statues of Malphas.
– Fixed invisible iced aspens.
– Fixed re-enabling of NPCs after Black Light, Part II.
– Yuslan might get stuck during Nehrimese invasion.
– Increased stability of _00e_questfunctions, _00e_armorsetscript and some other scripts.
– Fixed light sources in UndercityBarracks1, reported by CrackpotTheorist.
– _00E_QuestFunctions: fixed a glitch in FadeToBlackAndBack function making the screen flicker a few times during transitions to/from black.
– Fixed CTD and updated lighting in AltIshmartepL1.
– Improved LOD, generated with DynDOLOD.

– Fixed snow on the statue of Malphas, making the statue invisible.
– Myrad fixes – idle markers, trees, shrubs, repositioned platform in Riverville.
– Fixed collisions on a lot of large NPCs.
First release on Steam.

– Added empty leveled lists to vendors for easier scripted inventory additions in mods (thanks, gavrant).
– Fixed non-finalized navmesh in player homes, preventing NPCs from leaving when they get inside (thanks, H4wkeye).
– Fixed invisible wall in the Dust Pit (thanks, H4wkeye).
– Fixed cricket sounds starting when it’s raining (thanks, gavrant).
– Temporarily removed IceShader01 from _00E_Ark_MalphasStatue_Snow until we figure out, why it’s making the statue invisible (reported by gavrant).
– Fixed the transformation duration effect, it allowed to sell stolen goods to all vendors – reported by Quas.
– Reverted the gangrene effect to pre-FS state – 15% penalty to melee skills.
– As a workaround for the engine bug, breaking physics, added automatic dismounting on save load.
– Added checks for loaded `Enderal – Forgotten Stories.esm` and `SkyUI_SE.esp` – previous implementation did not fire without loaded SkyUI.
– Fixed lighting issues in Ark Crypt, Ark Bank, Rhalata Temple (reported by OverDev), Forgotten Temple (reported by CrackpotTheorist) – thanks, gavrant!
– Fixed grass, growing on roads of Riverville – thanks, gavrant.
– Reverted USSEP versions of defaultdisablehavokonload and draugrfxscript, breaking some things, thanks to gavrant for pointing this out. Fixes non-falling note near Jespar’s camp, reported by DWS.
– Removed USSEP INI change uMaxSizeForCachedSound=4096.
– Changed fGlobalBloomThresholdBoost from 100 to 10 – thanks, Canaria.
– Fixed a rare crash on burning wood fence, reported by Butterfliezzz (thanks, OverDev).
– Updated Spanish translation by Kyku.
– Fixed cell names without translation in all localizations plus some smaller issues here and there.
– Fixed an exploit, allowing to infinitely consume potions during meditation, reported by Saafi05.
– Probably, fixed the scene with Tealor and Yuslan in MQ16.
– Fixed non-activatable door of The Hollow Hand, reported by Edcross447.
– Brought back records, needed for compatibility with Ultimate Combat.
– Revised “Fog Near” in a few weathers and cells, removing the shadow circle around the player. Thanks to Zander for info.
– Reverted hudmenu.gfx to a pre-survival mode version – fixes the health bar disappearing when it’s not full.
– Rhalata mask and hood fixes by OverDev.
– Fixed a rare crash in the “Mark” spell (OverDev).
– Fixed a book in one of bank cells falling through the floor.
– Disabled the damage from skeleton bones and flying pots.
– Hi-Res face tattoo for Calia (OverDev).
– Slightly reduced intensity of volumetric lighting in sunny weathers (1.85 -> 1.75).
– Fixed most of twisted trees in Heartland and Crystal Forest – reported by Eferas.
– Fixed CTD when looking at blue crystals (broken crystalbase01blue.nif). Reported by awkwardgardener. fixed by OverDev.
– Fixed glitching hands in Heavy Leather Cuirass (reported by The Writer).
– Fixed horses in the starting scene, appearing every time in different places and sometimes floating in the air.
– Fixed incorrect encoding of English localization, introduced in the previous update.
– Fixed non-activatable Wishing Well in the Powder Desert (reported by scooglecops).
– Fixed companion behavior in The Black Guardian’s cave: they no longer run in wrong direction and use their weapons instead of fists.
– Fixed zoom level in book menu.
– Removed reflection settings from INI.
– Updated SKSE64 scripts with Enderal-specific functions from fs.dll.
– Removed underscores from cell Editor IDs, breaking save grouping in Skyrim SE.
– Regenerated paper map (thanks, LoAndEvolve!).
– Fixed custom map markers. Map data has been updated in all worldspace records.
– Added custom quest_journal.swf with added Flashing Savegames Fix by ousnius and fixed visibility of the “Show on Map” button.
– Identified the most optimal method of mesh conversion – “Full Optimization” in Cathedral Assets Optimizer. Really, it’s amazing.
– Removed unused CharGen flag from multiple NPCs, preventing them from FaceGen regeneration.
– Female NPCs now use smaller Skyrim teeth.
– All head parts have been converted with Nintendo Switch Skyrim NIF Optimizer in head parts mode, and all facegens have been regenerated.
– Removed Drunk Arazealean from BretonRace presets and added its copy instead – fixes black face.
– Starling Beard model is missing, blackfacing Kurmai. Gave him a human beard instead.
– To improve compatibility with SSE mods, disabled built-in SkyUI and added it as an external dependency.
– Re-converted tavern signs with SSE NIF Optimizer, broken by CAO.
– The Steam component has been extracted to a separate plugin due to crashing the game, when Enderal is not added to player’s library.
– ESM files have been converted to Form 44 (thanks, LoAndEvolve) and decompressed.
– All UI translations have been updated to Skyrim SE.
– All language versions now use the same ESM file, all string files have been resynced with converted masters.
– As a side effect, outdated Korean and Spanish versions have been updated to 1.6.4. Due to this, they have a few English strings now.
– Disabled autosaves before chargen, cluttering the new profile-oriented start menu.
– Removed hundreds of vanilla Skyrim meshes, textures, and scripts.
– Updated script fixes from Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.
– Updated character skeletons to XPMSSE 4.80, rebuilt behaviors with FNIS 7.6.
– Added `Enderal – Forgotten Stories.ini` with Enderal-specific INI settings.
– Updated note models to Book Covers Skyrim SE by DanielCoffey.
– Added custom start menu without Bethesda-specific items.
– Included version-1-5-97-0.bin from Address Library for SKSE Plugins by meh321.
– Added volumetric lighting support.
– Clear weather is now brighter.
– Disabled the bloom effect with the INI parameter fGlobalBloomThresholdBoost.
– Fixed _00e_questfunctions with a lot of crucial functions getting stuck, when multiple parts of armor sets were taken out of a container (reported by Hirmuolio). Reworked _00e_armorsetscript.
– Fixed an error in _00e_fs_heavysaddlesc, creating an exploit, allowing to infinitely increase horse’s speed.
– Reduced strength of _00E_Ability_StaggerSelfSpell, which is used in scenes and somehow has stronger effect, than in LE, and can potentially break scenes.
– Adjusted Esme’s idles near Frostcliff Tavern.
– Fixed CTD in the City of a Thousand Floods, caused by broken gatekeeper.nif (OverDev).
– Fixed CTD in Starcity, caused by empty ambient playlist.
– Moved a cart in the Castle Quarters closer to the rock, so Jespar wouldn’t get stuck behind it, escorting the player to Sun Temple during “The First Steps”.
– Fixed the bandit attack scene in “A New Beginning”, so Finn wouldn’t get stuck scared after Carbos getting shot.
– Removed the call to skse.OpenJournalMenu() from dialoguemenu.swf, crashing the game. Looking for a proper fix.
– Jespar might not get close enough to his target marker after being escorted by the Aged Man, and the scene did not progress.
– Tharael no longer jumps again when he says he wants to sleep.
– Fixed invisible woodencradle_draugrburninganim.nif with OverDev’s help, reported by Hirmuolio.
– Fixed explosions of frozen enemies and black stones (reported by Hirmuolio).
– Disabled a floating shrub near Scout Tower, which does not seem to fit anywhere.
– Fixed menu pictures of Chaosnova (Eddoursul) and Grave Curse (OverDev).
– Ryneus’ .tri file was reworked (OverDev).
– Fixed transparent hair (OverDev).
– Fixed follower health bars. Refactored the script, making operation locks irrelevant. Added method removeAllActors to followerpanel.swf.
– Fixed the boat ghost not appearing.
– Fixed most of undisplayable characters outside the ASCII range in English and Korean localizations, causing overlapping texts in books (introduced in the Forgotten Stories DLC).
– Fixed CTD in Japanese localization, caused by an invalid placeholder %I instead of %i.
– Fixed incorrect .tri file in _00E_PosessedEyesHumanFemale, causing a freeze in the Crow Quarter.
– Due to unknown bug in SSE, preventing actors from speaking and performing an animation idle simultaneously, the scene with Finn and Carbos have been slightly refactored. The issue is still noticeable, though.
– Fixed a missing node in nordwind outfit\gloves_m.nif, crashing Creation Kit (reported by jdsmith2816).
– Fixed Jespar jumping to the player’s position after “The stage is yours” due to vanilla ResetAI bug.
– Fixed the specular effect on enchantment table stones (OverDev).
– Fixed incorrect texture paths in many vanilla enderal meshes (jdsmith2816).
– Added Level 32 LOD fixes from DynDOLOD Patched by Sheson.
– Many music tracks have been replaced with higher bitrate versions from EHQM – Enderal High Quality Music by TheLagJag.
– Korean Skyrim UI localization has been updated with localization by malmir.
– Disabled all instances of _00E_Game_SyncAnimationTGBX, breaking dancer packages.
– Fixed collision of The Beast’s cage, causing him to get stuck in it (OverDev).
– Fixed Rocio’s and captain’s book position on the Morning Dew (OverDev).
– Fixed father not approaching the elk in the opening scene.
– Fixed Rocio’s headtracking during Sirius’ execution.
– And many more smaller mesh and script fixes.

Pre-2.0 (2020)

– fs.dll has been updated to SKSE64, following instructions by Hishutup. Thanks to Kepler_MLG for the provided initial fs.dll for tests.
– Fixed paper map – LOD regenerated by Zora aka LoAndEvolve at Nexus Mods.
– The conversion project has been started by Eddoursul.

See https://en.wiki.sureai.net/Enderal:Patch for the list of official Enderal patches up to version 1.6.4.