Cut Content - Tenpenny Tower Radio (TTW Conversion)

TTW conversion of a mod that restores Tenpenny Tower Radio.
A TTW conversion of a cut content mod by concit´╗┐. The original mod is linked here: Cut Content - Tenpenny Tower Radio´╗┐
The mod has open permissions, but I contacted them anyway and they gave me approval.

This restores the infamous Tenpenny Tower Radio, and adds a ham radio to allow upgrading the station's range with a science or repair check, if you want to be able to hear jazz everywhere.

Aside from applying proper TTW conversion methods, undeleting records, and removing ITMs, I've made the following changes and additions:
- Reordered options in ham radio message to allow easy tab to go back.
- Slightly reworded ham radio message text to have better grammar and punctuation.
- Placed a chair by the ham radio table.
- Added a small 10xp reward for upgrading the radio.
- Added a small Tenpenny Tower positive reputation reward for upgrading the radio if TTW Reputations is loaded.
- When Tenpenny Tower gets ruined by the ghouls, the ham radio is destroyed.
- When Tenpenny Tower gets ruined by the ghouls, the radio station starts broadcasting static.
- Added mono version and mono lower bitrate wav versions of the audio files.
- Set the radio station to play the mono low bitrate wav versions of the music to fix an issue where the music wouldn't play on in-world radios.
- Changed some radios inside Tenpenny Tower to play the radio station.
- Added a radio and a table to put it on outside Tenpenny Tower by the tables.
- Marked as an ESM.

Original mod's description:

´╗┐Tenpenny Tower Radio was almost finalized. It only needed it's two songs, a transmitter and some slight fixes in the dialogue topics.

Fixed radio topics so now will all play correctly, Tenpenny will also say his truisms. The radio station now has two (both 4+ minute long) jazz songs.

Placed the transmitter and gave it a radio radius. You can tune to Tenpenny Tower Radio if you are close to Tenpenny Tower (about 60000 units).

Addition from me, this wasn't unused and left in the geck -
You can also use your Science or Repair skill to boost the radio radius and listen to it in the farthest parts of the Wasteland.
Original mod by concit