JIP MiniMap compatibility mode. Some exterior cells may be skipped.
Fixed initialization on game reload, broken due to recent changes in JohnnyGuitar NVSE.
Removal of equipped weapons now affects dropped weapons as well.
Added the disintegration modifier, 2 by default.
Removal on disintegration/gooification does not skip equipped gear.
The Meds group now includes chems and food with the Medicine flag.
Changed default ammo modifier for actors from 0.6 to 0.3 (a bit more ammo for the player).
Skip persistent containers.
Fallback to vanilla values, when max weapon/armor condition is set to 100%.
Whitelisted Taft Tunnel (TTW).
Whitelisted vault suits for Sarah Weintraub.
Added saving settings to an INI file.
Linear ammo and caps scaling. Updated default settings to reflect this.
Mod-added containers are now skipped, if their reference is foreign (previously checked for their base form, too).
Do not skip modded weapons. All existing solutions add them en masse and have their own chance settings.
Automatically cut removal chance of trash with weight in half.
Full-scale luck modifier – enables luck influence on base removal chance from 0 to 100%.
Mod-added items in containers and on NPCs are now processed normally (this does not concern world-placed items).
Mojave Train Travel Redux compatibility fix.
Split ingestibles into four categories by native equip type: Chems, Meds, Food, Alcohol. Each category can be now customized separately.
Default settings remove more food from the world and less food from NPCs.
Condition reduction applies to locked and scripted containers as well.
Added checkbox for skipping locked containers.
Added checkbox for breakage on decapitation.
The Luck option is back as a checkbox.
Added separate death items list. Automatic support for perk-added death items with GetNthPerkEntryForm, fixed in JIPLN 55.45.
Skip weapons with attached mods (hardly ever happens in vanilla, just in case if mods fixed that).
Default max armor/weapon condition set to 40%.
Skip the player on death.
Fixed: Skip companions on death.
Switched to SetJohnnySeenDataEventHandler for cell tracking.
Switched to SetJohnnyOnLimbGoneEventHandler for instant decapitation detection.
Bumped JohnnyGuitar NVSE requirement to 3.05.
Removed corpse cleaning – creates more issues than removes loot. (Corpses are actors, placed in cells already dead.)
Experimental: Skip containers with the OnActivate scripts instead of scripted altogether.
Added plugin version checks on startup.
Fixed cyclic quest restarts.
Switched to the new SetJohnnyOnDyingEventHandler for instant death handling.
Whitelisted Finger of Fugitive from Regulators.
Refactored settings storage from quest to global variables.
Helmets now break on decapitation.
Reorganized and simplified control panel.
Whitelisted Gold Ribbon Grocers and Sierra Madre Vault, delisted Gold Bar.
Removed controls and set to “always enabled” luck and skill modifiers.
Owned items are always skipped (back to PN-EO way).
Mod-added items are now processed by certain set of rules instead of generic modifier.
Disabled limb factor in NPC cleaning. Does not work with instant OnDeath handlers, limb data is available only after an actor stops ragdolling.
Whitelisted BoS dogtags.
Excluded scripted corpses from cleaning (fixes disappearing Fat Man in Chevy Chase, DC).
Implemented processing queue for buffered cells, they are no longer stored in NVSE data.
Reverted chance calculation with modifier 1.0+ (what the hell was I thinking?).
Removed checkbox “Mark as Safe”, useless with IsCellVisited. Same thing is achievable with disabling World Items reduction and visiting the cell.
Updated: Do not reduce health of quest items.
Updated: Added the “No AI Acquire” flag to the Radiation Suit in the Hidden supply cave.
Updated: Capped lowest item health at 1 percent and 1 point (was 1 percent). This makes all items to remain equippable.
Fixed: Player ownership detection (the player variable is playerRef’s alias in runtime, duh!)
Updated: Check for player faction ownership as well.
Updated: DLC-added items are no longer considered mod-added. This includes TTW, too.
Updated: Skip world-placed items with the “No AI Acquire” flag set.
Maintenance: Less cumbersome bootstrap. (The PostLoadGame event does work, it’s just the print function is silent in it.)
Updated: Chance modifiers are now linear, allowing max removal chance to go beyond 100%.
Fixed: Reducing chance for world-placed stacks was inverted.
Fixed: Chance modifiers for weapons and ammo were mistakenly swapped.
Skip disabled containers, and containers with the “No AI Acquire” flag.
Added safeguard from rogue-value changing mods, breaking MCM.
Added optional removal of equipped weapons.
Fixed detection of equipped armor.
Added second safeguard to not touch live NPCs.
Fixed upgrade procedure.
Reduce item stacks (mostly ammo) instead of removing them as a whole.
Added separate removal chance for world-placed money.
Whitelisted Dead Money gold bars.
Skip scripted misc items.
Skip zero value misc items (instead of <= 1).
Misc items whitelist.
Ingestibles whitelist.
Complete refactoring.
Event-based processing: no scripts running in GameMode, all cleaning happens on cell enter and on death.
Loot Menu compatibility.
Uses native seen data for cell tracking instead of form list (thanks to TrueCourierSix for IsCellVisited and GetBufferedCellsAlt!), reducing savegame bloating.
Fixed unique item detection (worked only for current session).
Added MarkForDelete to disabled world items per standard recommendations.
Skip cells and containers owned by the player or a vendor.
Skip containers with notes.
Skip scripted and locked containers.
Container items follow the same chance settings as world items.
Health reduction now affects equipped and dropped gear as well.
Health reduction does not affect mines and throwables (prevents degrouping in inventory).
Added global health limit for all gear (effectively, incorporating Extremely Degraded Weapons and Armor), including world items.
Mod-added and owned item chances now work as removal chance modifiers instead of separate chance values.
Experimentally, misc items with value below 2 caps are always skipped.
Walk through cell items in a single pass with the 201 meta-type.
Proper array/string variable nullifying.
Removed clothing removal (unused in NV/FO3)
Removed weapon mod removal (no references in the world).
Removed parent reference check (did not work anyway).
Fixed skill factor in NPC delootifying.
Removed cause of death factor (GetCauseofDeath is too unreliable).
Added max value limit to NPC delootifying.
Verify form origin by its base form.
Replaced custom debugging with NVSE-native debug mode.