Dynamic and customizable loot reduction.
Standalone Unfound Loot implementation, fully refactored and revised fork of the Unfound Loot EX feature from True Wasteland Economy by danbngo, which, in its turn, originated from Project Nevada – Extra Options by Gribbleshnibit8 and FO3 Wanderers Edition by FWE team.

Most notable differences between Unfound Loot and previous implementations:
  • Event-based processing: no scripts running in GameMode, all cleaning happens on cell enter and on death.
  • Loot Menu and Just Loot Menu compatibility with instant OnDeath handler.
  • Uses native seen data for cell tracking instead of form list, reducing savegame bloating. Thanks to TrueCourierSix for GetBufferedCellsAlt and all his research on seen data in the engine.
  • Can be safely installed mid-game, already visited cells won’t be processed.
  • Skips containers with notes.
  • Skips scripted containers.
  • Container items follow the same chance settings as world items.
  • Health reduction now affects equipped and dropped gear as well.
  • Added customizable global health limit for all gear (effectively, incorporating Extremely Degraded Weapons and Armor), including world items.
  • Headgear breaks on decapitation (its condition is set to 0).

See Changelog for more detailed change list.
Focusing on making tougher economy and keeping actual content intact, I’ve added more criteria to the list of non-removables:
– items with zero monetary value,
– scripted items,
– collectibles,
– story-related items (for instance, gourmet meals in Ultra-Luxe, irradiated items in Camp Searchlight),
– items too rare to make a difference (Nukalurk Meat, Fire Ant Nectar); I’m considering adding confugurable threshold instead of current 1, after which items will start to be cleaned,
– gameplay items (magazines, although may add a separate setting for them),
– quest items without the quest flag (Deathclaw eggs, ears, fingers, music sheets, Nuka-Cola Quantum),
– rare decorative items.

Some of them we can differentiate by technical features. What falls through, has no distinguishing technical features, is added to whitelist. I accept suggestions for whitelisting with reasoning.

As of beta 1, owned items are always skipped. We are back to the PN-EO way here. Improved gear condition reduction counterbalances them enough for you to stay broke.

How it works

First, set your desired removal chance, 85% by default for world items, 80% for NPCs.

It does not mean, that in a particular cell will remain 85% of loot. It’s a chance, calculated separately for every item: we roll a dice, get a random value from 0 to 99 inclusive, and compare it with your removal chance. If the value is below the chance, the item gets removed. Remember, random number generator (RNG) is a bitch. You can visit multiple cells in a row with zero items removed, and the next cell may be cleaned out completely. It all evens out only with time.

If it’s a stack (ammo, usually), it’s reduced by flat percentage equal to the chance you set. For instance, with chance 80%, 80% of ammo multiplied by modifier will be removed. If you set the ammo modifier to 0.5, the mod will remove 80%*0.5=40% of ammo.

This base removal chance can be influenced by multiple factors:
  • Luck.
  • Skill. Higher repair skill – up to 10% more loot from robots. Higher survival skill – up to 10% more loot from animals.
  • Item type. The removal chance will be multiplied by corresponding item type modifier. If, for instance, you’d like to keep all ammo, set the Ammo modifier to 0. Set to 0.5 to cut removal chance in half, ammo will be found in larger quantities, than at 1.0.
  • Race/species. You can set chance multipliers per race or species (humans, ghouls, supermutants, etc.).

Mod-added items are evaluated by their origin:
  • Vanilla items are processed normally.
  • If an item was added by other mod, it always stays.
  • If an item belongs to the same mod as its parent cell, it’s processed normally.

For instance, New California cells are processed like any vanilla cell. But any item, added to it by other mod, always stays.

Recommended lStewieAl’s Tweaks

; allow equipping of broken items
bEquipBrokenItems = 1
; make vendors obey their Buy/Sell flags, restricting which items they accept
bBarterCheckActorBuySellFlags = 1

I am a modder, and I don’t want my items to be removed by Unfound Loot

UL already skips items and containers by a lot of criteria: unique, scripted, owned, quest, disabled, expensive, worthless, in visited cells, locked items are always skipped. If your references still fall through, add the “No AI Acquire” flag to them. It will do what it says on the tin. Another way, add your items to the EULxProtected* form lists. Only, please, don’t override them, don’t create the need for patches, use scripts.


Don’t forget to disable this feature in TWE and PN-EO.