Working Vending Machines

Vending machines now actually sell drinks.
This mod makes vending machines to do what they are supposed to – sell drinks. There already are similar mods on Nexus, here is my take.

  • Vending machines now sell their contents instead of being regular containers with free loot.
  • Used currency is determined by parent cell ownership. Vending machines, owned by the NCR, use NCR dollar, by Legion – Denarius/Aureus (did not find any in vanilla, but it actually works), by all others – caps. Unowned machines use pre-war dollars (1 item = $1).
  • Prices reflect actual market value and exchange rates of every currency. The machines have their own markup, of course, currency conversion, too.
  • If you have multiple denominations, they are spent in the most optimal way.
  • The machines give change.
  • Paid money is moved into the machine.
  • The machines can be broken in to. For that, you need Lockpicking 75 and 1 sensor module for every attempt through the terminal.
  • Some newly found unowned machines are broken (based on your Luck) and require repair with 1 Scrap Metal and 30+ Repair.

MCM options

  • Toggle break-ins
  • Toggle broken machines.
  • Toggle repairs.
  • Set desired base barter skill for static prices (in case if dynamic vending prices bother you).

Compatibility and requirements

  • Supports DLCs, Tale of Two Wastelands and New California.
  • Incompatible with any mod, changing vending machine scripts (will override them). Should be compatible with everything else.
  • Compatible with Loot Menu and Just Loot Menu.
  • Requires JIP LN NVSE. Install MCM to be able to change some options.