Old World Blues - Sink Recipe Overhaul

Introduces crafting interfaces to The Sink's personalities.
This mod introduces crafting interfaces to The Sink’s personalities, allowing you to choose what items to break down, and improving the modability of The Sink.

Some QOL changes
  • The message boxes that ask if you would like to process items will now be skipped. Extra unlock bonuses like Muggy giving you electronic components will be triggered, if any is available, and then the recipe menu will open.
  • Messages telling you that you have personality voices disabled are now removed.
  • You can now submit Jukebox upgrades with voice modules disabled.
  • Using the Sink Autodoc no longer initiates a fade-to-black, allowing quick usage like My First Infirmaries.
  • Drinking from the sink now fully heals your health and fully quenches your thirst.

Other changes
Each one of these can be disabled:
  • Campfire cloning recipes have been put in their own subcategory.
  • Cloning rebalance: now you need to have at least one of the plant in your inventory already to clone it. The way I interpret this, you're spreading the green over the plant, copying the DNA. Like that one Star Trek: Voyager episode on that L-class panet with the gray goo.
  • You can now clone plants at the Biological Research Station. This isn't affected by the rebalance, making it a good trade-off to it: being able to clone anything at the sink but it's much more limited elsewhere.
  • More kinds of items can be cloned, broken down, processed, and super-heated at the various personalities.

Technical info
This info may be valuable to modders:
  • This mod introduces generic activator versions of the sink interfaces which have no ai but open the crafting interfaces. See test cell "p20testsink" to check them out.
  • Because this mod makes use of recipe categories, adding feature patches with your mods should be as easy as adding a new recipe. See my mod "Mothership Zeta Rehaul" for an example that is even dynamically enabled if Sink Recipe Overhaul is enabled.


  • Other mods which modify the scripts of the sink's personalities may conflict. Load Sink Recipe Overhaul's esm file after those mods to ensure the crafting menus and QOL changes still work.
  • Make sure Sink Recipe Overhaul's esm file loads after Mothership Zeta Rehaul's esm file, this will ensure compatibility and enable MZR's recipes in the menus.
  • Compatible with Tale of Two Wastelands and DLCs, no patch needed.

You can configure this mod in config/SinkRecipeOverhaul.ini:

If set to 1, sets cloning recipes in campfire crafting to the Clone subcategory.

If set to 1, Campfire cloning recipes will now require you to be holding at least one of the produce you wish to craft to be able to convert salient green into it.

If set to 1, enables Cloning recipes at the bio station, making it a one-stop shop for all cloning needs. Doesn't get affected by the rebalance setting.

If set to 1, enables more types of produce to be cloned that weren't originally possible to clone in the vanilla game.

If set to 1, enables more kinds of dishes and pots to be broken down with muggy that wasnt't possible to break down in the vanilla game.

If set to 1, enables more kinds of appliances and machinery to be broken down with the toaster that wasnt't possible to break down in the vanilla game.

f set to 1, enables the Cosmic Knife from Dead Money to be super heated.

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