Mojave Express Courier Stations Reimagined

Adds several player homes/courier stations across the Mojave.
This is a reimagination of another mod called Mojave Express Courier Stations. It’s my take on how I would have made such a mod, it’s not a 1:1 recreation.

The mod adds several player homes/courier stations across the Mojave.

Station Features
  • Discoverable map markers
  • Workbench/Reloading Bench
  • Cooking Stove (Campfire)
  • Haircuts available at the mirror
  • A bed that will the player the Well Rested bonus
  • Plenty of storage
  • A special storage container that’s shared with all the stations
  • Radios for Radio New Vegas and Mojave Music Radio
  • Custom assets and textures

Station Map

Getting Access
Usually you can just pick the locks to enter a station. However for the stations in Goodsprings, Primm and at Mojave Ooutpost you’ll have to buy a key to get access to the station. This was made to make the beginning of the game a bit more challenging, if you don’t like that you can disable it in the INI file and the door will be unlocked.

Buying the keys
Each of the following merchants will sell one key for the nearby station:
  • Chet (Goodsprings General Store) → Goodsprings Station
  • Jordan Nash (Mojave Express in Primm) → Primm Station
  • Lacey (Barracks at the Mojave Outpost) → Mojave Outpost Station

INI File
This mod comes with an INI file which will let you change some settings:
; Add map markers for all the stations to the map by default.
; Enable fast travel to the added markers.
; Enable this if you don't want to buy the keys for certain stations.
Changes to those settings should be made before running it for the first time.
I can’t guarantee that they’ll work as intended if you mess with those after the mod is already present in your game.

TTW Compatibility
The mod is fully compatible with TTW v3.3 or higher.
The only thing that might need to be patched is the WastelandNV water type to match the change made by TTW.
If you don’t know how to do that yourself, you can use the provided TTW patch and put it to the bottom of your load order.

Known Conflicts
Also potentially any other mod that makes changes to the same areas that this mod does.


Assets from the following author’s modders resources were used, many thanks to all of you for sharing your assets:
- Chucksteel
- Jokerine
- MissingMeshTV
- Pixelhate