FPGEL - Functional Post Game Ending Lite

A stripped down version of FPGE that doesn't alter the game's world after the Second Battle of Hoover Dam.
Functional Post Game Ending Lite is a version of Kazopert's excellent Functional Post Game Ending mod which let's you continue playing after Hoover Dam without altering the game's world.

This mod is meant to be a modern alternative to CAGE, except once the Second Battle of Hoover Dam is completed, Hoover Dam will be reset to its pre-ending state. Colonel Moore, Caesar, Mr. House, and Yes Man will no longer give you the option to redo the battle. Besides that, no other changes will be made. This effectively means that most mods will not need a compatibility patch.

Note to mod authors:

I recommend you use an IsModLoaded check for the normal FPGE in your mods. Otherwise using my mod will unintentionally trigger any post game scripts you may have. Checking for IsModLoaded "Functional Post Game Ending.esm" will prevent such incompatibilies/conflicts. 

Q. Can I switch to this mod from normal FPGE?
A. So long as you haven't done the Second Battle of Hoover Dam yet. Otherwise switching to my mod will cause missing assets and other errors.

Q. Does this need a compatibility patch with *insert mod name here*?
A. This version of FPGE makes very few conservative changes. It only resets Hoover Dam to its state prior to the ending and replaces some main quest NPCs with dummies. Besides that it makes no other changes; therefore it should not need any patches.

Q. Is this compatible with A Very Uncreative Collection of FPGE Mods?
A. No. Those mods I made specifically for regular FPGE. They are not compatible with FPGE Lite.

Q. I can't move after the slideshow! YOUR MOD IS BROKEN!
A. This mod supports the English version of the game only.

Q. I found a bug.
A. Great! Write a bug report or leave a comment and I will look into it. However only report FPGE Lite specific bugs to this page.

Q. Is this mod compatible with TTW?
A. Yes. A version for TTW is available. It supports TTW 3.3+.

Q. Is this mod compatible with The Living Desert?
A. Yes. As of Living Desert 2.3, FPGE Lite will no longer trigger TLD's post game content.

Q. Can I use NVSE 5.14 with this? I'm using a mod which doesn't work with xNVSE.
A. No. I use some newer xNVSE features. Older versions of NVSE will not be supported.

Q. Can you make a version that doesn't require xNVSE, JIP LN, and JohnnyGuitar?
A. No. It would require me to rewrite entire portions of the mod.

Q. I'm getting a message that says xNVSE/JIP LN/JohnnyGuitar are outdated or uninstalled.
A. Ensure that you install the latest versions of each requirement.

Kazopert - For creating the mod and allowing me to finish it up and release it.
Callen151 - For testing when nobody else would! Thanks Callen! You rock!
Mr Flibble - For making the ever fantastic JIP LN NVSE Plugin.
lStewieAlTrueCourierSix, and carxt - For making the also fantastic JohnnyGuitar Plugin.
RoyBatty - For some general advice and GECK Extender.
Kormakur - For making xNVSE, Hot Reload, and Improved Console which are very helpful for testing!
Kazopert for the original FPGE.