TTW Combined Bobblehead Specials

TTW Combined Bobblehead Specials combines the old Fallout 3 SPECIAl effects with the newer Tale of Two Wasteland effects. For those that enjoyed the old bobbleheads but still want to enjoy the new effects that TTW presents.
Are you looking for the old SPECIAL effects of Fallout 3 because you loved them to death but also love the new TTW effects for the SPECIAL Bobbleheads?

Well then this mod is for you! It integrates the old "+1 effect to SPECIAL" to the bobbleheads. By no means is this balanced or fair. This was for my own enjoyment and I decided to share it with you all!

A beta file is now out for SPECIAL Bobbleheads that'll work on already collected bobbleheads. Do give it a try and let me know if it does work.

This mod was just some basic script comparing and a quick throw together test. I know there are a couple other mods that do this but I decided to do it as well and I also changed the perk message and the popup message to include the "Your 'Skill' has been permanently increased by 1" for more integration.