Some Fallout 3 replacers for TTW

.msi files that allow the restoration of the Fallout 3 UI sounds, player voice, movement animations and the loading wheel graphic for TTW.
If you miss some things from Fallout 3 while playing TTW, then this is the place for you.

Here you can find .msi files that will restore a few Fallout 3 things:
  • Fallout 3 UI sounds
  • Fallout 3 player voice
  • Fallout 3 movement animations
  • Fallout 3 loading wheel

How to install these:
  1. Simply place any of these .msi files in the same folder as your TTW installer.
  2. Run the TTW installer as admin.
  3. In the installer window, choose the .msi file you want and press "Install".
  4. Make sure all the paths are set correctly and press "Install" again.
  5. Wait until it's done and then press "Exit" on the installer window.
  6. Just repeat steps 2 to 5 for each file you want to install.
  7. Now just use your mod manager to install the folder(s) created by the TTW installer, just like any other mod.
These files don't contain any FO3 assets, they tell the installer to use the files from your FO3 installation. So just like TTW itself, you need to have Fallout 3 installed for the installer to work and convert the FO3 animations.

This file can't be automatically downloaded by a mod manager because it's not a normal mod, and requires proper steps to make it playable.