Artifact Tracker

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Main files

Artifact Tracker
Version 1.0.8  ·  217.84 KiB

Optional files

Artifact Tracker INI
Version 1.0.0  ·  252 B

Optional INI configuration. You only need to download this once, any new settings will be added automatically.

Compatibility patches

Enderal SE Patch
Version 1.0.0  ·  3.31 KiB

Mod page | Marks as home houses in Ark and Riverville. Adds to the list of persistent containers: Secure Chest, Spectral Chest, Blueprint Collection.

LotD Patch
Version 1.0.0  ·  3.75 KiB

Mod page | Incompatible with The Curator's Companion. Item lists of AT and LotD DO NOT MATCH: the green mark is shown on items displayed in the museum and/or stored at home, some displayable items may not be tracked by Artifact Tracker.

General Stores Patch
Version 1.1.0  ·  422 B

Mod page | 1.1 - Added tracking of alchemy and food containers.

Solitude Museum Patch
Version 1.0.0  ·  4.75 KiB

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