Unread Books Glow NG

Hightlights unread books, notes, and journals. SE/AE/VR DLL plugin.
Adds glowing to unread books, notes, and journals. This is a DLL upgrade over Unread Books Glow by duggelz (does not require the original mod).

Tracks items from any mod, should be compatible with everything.

Regular books use a more subtle shiny animation effect, skill books are dark blue, spell tomes are ice blue. The choice of effects is dictated by the fact that the DLL uses only vanilla effects by default, and this list is surprisingly short in Skyrim.

Book effects can be customized via UnreadBooksGlow.ini to use shaders from any mod, see the Effect Shader nodes in xEdit. I uploaded an example, changing shaders to the ones from the duggelz' mod.

Enderal SE is supported, learning and crafting books are highlighted as well.

While uninstallation mid-game is safe with vanilla shaders, keep in mind reference shaders are savebaked. Without a mod removing effects on read, already highlighted items will stay such until they are picked up.

Compatible with Skyrim SE 1.5.x and 1.6.x.
Requires SKSE and Address Library for your version of Skyrim.

Source code
Unread Books Glow NG - Eddoursul
CommonLibSSE-NG - Ryan McKenzie, CharmedBaryon, powerofthree, alandtse, and other contributors.