Address Library for SKSE Plugins

Contains header file and a database to make SKSE DLL plugins version independent easily. Unchanged reupload of meh321's files from Nexus.
IMPORTANT! This is now split into 2 versions: Special Edition (1.5.x) and Anniversary Edition (1.6.x). The IDs that point to addresses will not match between those 2 versions (the game executable is too different to match, and even if they matched the code within those functions is different anyway).


For regular mod users: Download and install the "all-in-one" package from files section. You can use mod manager or do it manually. The .bin files should go here:
There is no need for you to read the rest of any of this.

For SKSE DLL plugin authors:
This is a modder resource (a header file). You can load a database that stores offsets so your DLL plugin can be version independent without requiring to be recompiled. The header file can be downloaded from the optional section of the files. For Anniversary Edition the header file is called versionlibdb.h instead of versiondb.h! If you are using CommonLib then all of this is already built in and you don't need anything from here.

See full description on the original mod's page.