Picks up nearby items of the same type. SE/AE DLL plugin.
When picking up an item or harvesting, this DLL mod also picks up nearby items of the same or similar type.

Currently supported item groups:
  • Coins and pouches
  • Arrows
  • Lockpicks
  • Ingots and ore
  • Hides
  • Gems
  • Soul gems
  • Ingredients and flora, producing the same items

The mod is configurable with PickUpAll.ini, allowing to:
  • toggle picking up per group,
  • change pickup radius,
  • change delay between pickups (default is 100 ms for visual and sound cues, but 0 also works),
  • prevent automatic stealing.

Requires SKSE and Address Library for your version of Skyrim SE.
Works on all versions from 1.5.97 to 1.6.1179 thanks to CommonLibSSE-NG.

Source code
Pick Up All - Eddoursul
CommonLibSSE-NG - Ryan McKenzie, CharmedBaryon, powerofthree, alandtse, and other contributors.