Development Log: January-May 2024

29 May 2024, 17:02  |  Posted by Eddoursul  |  92 views
  • ModPub became home to Tale of Two Wastelands, a popular FNV-FO3 total conversion.
  • GECK Wiki, a community-run FNV wiki for modders, is now hosted by ModPub.
  • Added user authentication through Steam.
  • Added the ability to change primary game of a mod.
  • Added the ability to disable MO2 downloads for a file.
  • The license selector now allows to choose from previously selected licenses.
  • The file form automatically extracts name and version from an added file, if their fields are still empty.
  • Modders can see comments to their mods on a dedicated page.
  • Download button in the image slideshow allows to download original image files (JPEG or PNG).
  • Advertisements on ModPub are now managed by Playwire, a Google-certified agency. Modders, users with at least one published mod, will not see any ads.
  • Implemented cross region file replication. Files are now served from locations in North America (East Coast), Western Europe, and Asia-Pacific. By default, download location is selected automatically. Preferred download region can be selected in your account.
  • MO2 downloads from ModPub work out of the box in the ModdingLinked Edition of Mod Organizer 2.