Hello, world!

5 September 2023, 13:14  |  Posted by Eddoursul  |  429 views
After many months in development, I am pleased to announce that ModPub is now live. I hope it becomes your favorite place to share and discuss game mods.

Here are the general principles ModPub is built on:
  • Creators maintain full control over rights to their works. I do not require any perpetual rights to host your mods and never will.
  • No homegrown permission schemes. Every mod is required to have a license.
  • No unauthorized use in larger works (collections). Down the road I plan to develop collaborative collections, where creators will have full control over use of their works.
  • Being based in the EU, ModPub is moving towards full compliance with GDPR and other privacy laws. This process will be finished by the time ModPub becomes a company.
  • Open source. All uploaded compiled binaries must have source code accessible to everyone.

ModPub works on a completely new engine, developed by yours truly. If something is missing, that feature was probably considered not essential and was postponed until after launch (or I simply forgot to add it). Post your feature suggestions, everything will come with time.

What I prepared so far:
  • Unlimited download speed. What Cloudflare has to offer, you can use.
  • Any file size goes. If you have a release over 20 Gb, contact me and I will increase the limit.
  • Games can be added via their Steam link.
  • Total conversions can be added as separate games. Contact me to add a new total conversion.
  • Mods can be assigned to multiple games.
  • Enforced semantic versioning. CalVer is fine, too.
  • A special license selector will help you choose a license for your mod.
  • I have published special public licenses, handling distribution for private use.
  • Improved search by language. A mod can have assigned zero, one, or many languages. By default, search results by language include mods in the selected language AND mods without any assigned language, ensuring mods in foreign languages are always filtered out. If you find it confusing, this feature can be disabled in settings.
  • Mod recommendations. You can recommend mods to people visiting your profile page and your followers.
  • A separate section for content from your friends. Follow your friends and prominent modders, and track their mods and recommendations in a separate section.
  • Track downloaded mods automatically. This option can be disabled in settings.
  • See tracked mods, updated after you downloaded them.
  • Threaded comments with unlimited nesting. Expect some deep, deep conversations.
  • Extended search includes mod summary and author name.
  • Fancy profile URLs ( https://mod.pub/@Eddoursul ).
  • Sorting by likes and downloads is limited to one year max. Outdated mods no longer dominate search results.
  • Track replies to your mods on a dedicated page. When someone replies to your comment, you will be notified by a glowing icon on the top bar.
  • Multiple types of relations between mods. Relations are not limited to requirements. You can add links to compatibility patches, addons, translations, compatible/incompatible mods, and so on.
  • Manage order of files and images with drag&drop.
  • New type of metric for mods - Update DL. This stat increases when someone downloads a file, added after the last download in the mod. This is the middle ground between regular downloads and unique downloads.


Stoked to see this especially how refined it is so close to launch, stumbled across this off the viva new vegas section on replacing project nevada.
I like what I'm reading here. I plan to upload more mods here in the future.