ShowOff xNVSE Plugin

An NVSE plugin which adds new functions and engine-level tweaks. For heathens who have forsaken the Vanilla-Style way.
Adds new scripting/condition functions, as well as some engine-level tweaks.

For a complete overview of features, as well as changelogs and credits, see the Github page.

Source code
is available here

Documentation is available here.

Requires xNVSE v6.3.0 or greater.


ShowOffNVSE.dll and ShowOffNVSE.ini must end up under Fallout New Vegas/Data/nvse/plugins/.. (in the plugins folder).

Installing ShowOffNVSE.pdb is optional, but it is recommended to install it alongside the other files, as it will make crash loggers give more precise information about how a crash happened.

Installing the primary .zip file from a mod manager should also work. need only be installed once; new INI options are automatically added to the file.


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