High Poly Female Head Resource

HD Headmesh mod resource with all morphs working.

This is High Poly female headmesh, similar to my HD Male Head resource. It's 99% vanilla shape and has all of the morphs needed, also 99% vanilla-like. I also fixed horrendous bug when Squint morphs literally inflated character's face.

It's compatible to any vanilla textures and basically can be used as vanilla female head replacement without additional steps needed.

Head vertex normals are adapted for Robert F seam normals, so it would be seamless to to-be-released-RF mod, but will have vertex normals seams with vanilla or other bodies (not worse than vanilla anyway).

Blinking may be a bit off with some more extreme facegen settings that affect upper eyelid. There is a way to fix it, but it's tedious a bit. If there will be demand I'll take a hand on it and make 100% bethesda-like working morphs.

If you use it anywhere give me credits and link to my Discord/Patreon.


It's a modder resource so it will not do anything in common mod user's game.


You can find some dev showcases, patches and exclusive mods on this discord server: https://discord.gg/9QZh48BK6G