Vanilla Recipe Expansion for Food and Aid

Dramatically increases the recipes available for creating vanilla foods, as well as creating many recipes for inedible items such as eggs, flour, and animal hides that convert them into base game edible items.
Recipe Expansion adds dozens upon dozens of recipes for existing items as a light overhaul to vanilla food crafting, vastly increasing meal diversity for hardcore playthroughs, increasing early game food availability for realism and balance purposes, and making artificially scarce items possible to obtain. This mod is aimed at two primary goals. Fix the logic gaps in FNV's cooking system, and make eating more realistic and practical. It does this by adding many alternatives to the vanilla crafting recipes for food in the game, allowing for a much wider variety of edible items.

This mod is made with extreme compatibility in mind - in lieu of editing or adding foods, it merely adds and redefines recipes for the appearance of adding new foods. Generally, conversions are done at an arbitrary loss (for example, a recipe to convert meat might require excess water), to balance the ease at which they can occur.  It is intended to make natural resources more rewarding and logical, particularly in the context of reduced purchasing power. Cities are more of a luxury than a necessity for crafting, survival will be much more useful, and your resources will be more varied and important. 

* Over 130 new recipes for vanilla food and items.
More than 25 new nutritious recipes using flour as a main ingredient.
* Conversions for all in-game eggs into consumables
Massively expanded recipes for Caravan Lunches and Trail Mix.
*  Jerky tanning from animal hides, food breakdowns, alternative recipes, food purification. 

For a full list of recipes and balance considerations, please check the articles here.