Map Marker Reputation Fix

Gives map markers of various faction controlled locations the reputation of their respective faction.
This is a simple mod that gives various faction controlled locations the map marker reputations of their respective factions.

Map Markers with reputations added:

- Brotherhood of Steel Safehouse
- Caesar's Legion Safehouse
- Camp Forlorn Hope
- Camp Searchlight
- El Dorado Substation
- Followers Safehouse
- Follower's Outpost
- Gibson Scrap Yard
- Goodsprings Cemetery
- Goodsprings Source
- Great Khan Encampment
- Grub n' Gulp Rest Stop
- Hunter's Farm
- Jean Sky Diving
- Legate's Camp
- Legion Raid Camp
- Makeshift Great Khan Camp
- NCR Ranger Safehouse
- Nelson
- New Vegas Medical Clinic
- Red Rock Drug Lab
- Techatticup Mine
- Vault 19
- Whittaker Farmstead

Simply extract the esp and place it into the data folder, or install it with your favorite mod manager. This mod can safely be uninstalled midgame with no permanent effects.