Home and Safehouse Tweaks

Adds crafting stations and additional containers to several vanilla player homes.
This mod is an update/continuation of Player home and safehouse crafting and storage except the content is now toggable via an ini file and redundant edits are removed.

Additional containers and crafting stations are added to the following vanilla player homes.

  • Atomic Wrangler Corner Room (After completing Debt Collector.
  • Bon Vivant Suite
  • Brotherhood of Steel Safehouse
  • Followers Safehouse
  • Legion Safehouse
  • Lucky 38.
  • NCR Ranger Safehouse
  • Novac Motel Room
  • Tops High Roller Suite
  • Tops Presidential Suite
  • Vault 21 Room

This mod also has some additional features that can be toggled on and off in the ini file.

  • Own the Ultra-Luxe Penthouse after completing Beyond the Beef.
  • Own Raul's House and Boone's Novac room.
  • Own the 13th Floor of the Tops after completing Ring-A-DIng.
  • Sync safehouse map marker names to cell names if cells are renamed with Stash Organizer.
  • Remove the damage to the Atomic Wrangler Corner Room after completing Debt Collector.

The TTW addon includes the following features:

  • Own Mister Burke's house after saving Megaton (requires pickpocketing or killing him).
  • Own Jericho's house if he is a hired companion.
  • Own the Tenpenny Tower Suite after saving Megaton.

Recommended Mods:
Just Loot Menu - Good for looting containers. But you probably already knew that.
Yukichigai Unofficial Patch - Lots of bug fixes.
Stash Organizer - A lightweight, portable alternative to Sortomatic that goes nicely with this mod.
TTW Fallout 3 Player Homes Extra Storage - Adds extra containers to the Tenpenny Suite and Megaton House.