Home and Safehouse Tweaks

Adds crafting stations and additional containers to several vanilla player homes.
Additional containers and crafting stations are added to the following vanilla player homes.

  • Atomic Wrangler Corner Room (After completing Debt Collector)
  • Bon Vivant Suite
  • Brotherhood of Steel Safehouse
  • Followers Safehouse
  • Legion Safehouse
  • Lucky 38
  • NCR Ranger Safehouse
  • Novac Motel Room
  • Tops High Roller Suite
  • Tops Presidential Suite
  • Vault 21 Room

This mod also has some additional features that can be toggled on and off in the ini file.

  • Own the Ultra-Luxe Penthouse (After completing Beyond the Beef)
  • Own Raul's Shack and Boone's Novac room if they are hired companions.
  • Own the 13th Floor of the Tops after completing Ring-A-DIng.
  • Sync safehouse map marker names to cell names if cells are renamed with Stash Organizer.
  • Remove the damage to the Atomic Wrangler Corner Room after completing Debt Collector.

The TTW addon includes the following features:

  • Own Mister Burke's house after saving Megaton (requires pickpocketing or killing him).
  • Own Jericho's house if he is a hired companion.
  • Own the Tenpenny Tower Suite after saving Megaton.

Recommended Mods:
Just Loot Menu - Good for looting containers. But you probably already knew that.
Yukichigai Unofficial Patch - Lots of bug fixes.
Stash Organizer - A lightweight, portable alternative to Sortomatic that goes nicely with this mod.
TTW Fallout 3 Player Homes Extra Storage - Adds extra containers to the Tenpenny Suite and Megaton House.