New Vegas Script Extender (NVSE xNVSE)

6 October 2023, 19:47
== Enhance commands
-Demorome: GetRefs-style functions have a new optional filter arg to filter by baseForm.
-Demorome: All scripts in "nvse/user_defined_functions" folder are now precompiled at startup; this means CompileScript will just return an already compiled script, reducing lag if it would've otherwise been compiling in a busy segment.

== Bug Fixes
-Kormakur: fixed memory leak when calling lambdas with variables inside of console/scriptrunner.
- Potentially fixed refIDs for 0xFF lambdas and CompileScript scripts from rarely getting changed to point to some other form when loading (credits to lStewieAl).
-Demorome: fixed CompileScript caring about lower/upper case and "" vs "/" in filepaths for caching.
-Jazzisparis: ScriptAnalyzer::Decompile - Fixed local vars definitions missing in result/partial scripts; Fixed invalid opcode not being shown.
14 September 2023, 02:36
== Add commands
-CopyIRAlt, CompileScript

== Enhance commands
-DecompileScript - can now decompile result scripts for any applicable form type (Jazzisparis)
-Add aliases for DisableControlsAlt(Ex)

== Bug fixes
-Fixed disabling attacking with DisableControlsAltEx also disabling NPC attacks
-Fixed sv_Split's new arg, JoinDelimiters, which previously garbage strings sometimes
-Fixed CallAfterFrames callbacks not being cleared on load
-Fixed EGS check repeatedly telling to install the Epic Games Patcher even if the patcher was already installed.

== General enhancements
-RegisterCommand - will print both the command name and its alias (if any) (Jazziparis)