Skill Book Checklist

Fixed the scrolling issue in MCM, affecting other mods.
Improved book notifications: skip disabled books and containers, skip non-dead companions, added a workaround for incorrect book count, reported by NVSE.
Full refactoring and optimization: faster cache init, faster lookups, less data saved in the NVSE cosave.
Added support for unlisted and mod-added books via the Uncategorized group.
Added Just Loot Menu support.
Moved the HH workbench books to Uncategorized.
Filtering by book now uses grouping by worldspace, too.
Added support for That Lucky Old Sun, will appear in Uncategorized.
Sidebar menu items now may be used as return buttons.
Skip dropped book references.
Automatically mark Grognak the Barbarian with TTW Quick Start.
Patched MCM for proper line count before showing the down arrows.
Show stats by book in the book list.
Show hint with number of books in the locations list.
Fully modular book database, the mod can be used even without it.
Fixed: Descriptions of books, appearing after the Head of State quest (thanks, akanelove).
Maintenance: Do not run the MCM quest in GameMode.
Maintenance: Moved messages from hardcoded strings to MESG entries for easier localization.
Maintenance: Proper Darnified UI detection.
Fixed exception on the first book pickup.
Added support for the Honest Hearts workbench crates.
New location browser.
In two-column mode, long list items are cut to fit them without overflowing.
Fixed duplicate Hubric Comics hint.
Fixed Loot Menu compatibility.