Water Breathing Tweaks

Adds water breathing to power armor and space helmets, tweaks Rebreather.
  • Updated scripted implementation of the water breathing fix by CivisRomanus. Vanilla effect does not work right with armors, so Obsidian added a scripted crutch. Adding magnitude to the water breathing effect (CR) is a working solution, but then it breaks mod-added perks, expecting this effect to stay vanilla. This mod solves it by adding a separate water breathing effect specifically for armors.
  • Adds the fixed water breathing effect to power armor and space helmets (including any mod-added power armor helmets and Zeta, if found).
  • Removes the quest item flag from Rebreather.
  • Changes Rebreather slot from mask to mouth object, allowing to wear any eyeglasses with Rebreather.
  • Requires JIP LN NVSE Plugin.