FPGE Compatibility Template

A simple skeleton script for mods to add FPGE support.
This mod is a simple skeleton script I use to implement FPGE support into mods without the need for a patch or requirement. 

The template works by having a quest that will run on startup and check if FPGE is installed. If FPGE is detected then it will start another quest that will run until the end of the game and then apply any appropriate changes.

For FPGE compatibility it is recommended that a mod uses its own enable parents and attach NPCs and objects to them and toggle them where appropriate. For NPCs and creatures that may already be attached to an enable parent, it is recommended to move them into a dumper cell using MoveTo. References will need to be persistent and have an editor ID in able to use MoveTo.

Note that this file is purely a resource and is not a mod that's intended to be used for normal gameplay.