Fallout: Free Cheyenne DEMO

Playable demo for the upcoming story expansion mod Fallout: Free Cheyenne.

The year is 
Caesar's Legion holds Denver in it's iron fist, threatening the neighboring settlements and people of the Corridor Wasteland with brutal conquest.
To the north, the City of Free Cheyenne remains defiant of Caesar and prepares for war.
You have been offered a job to travel with the East Forty Caravan Company out to Free Cheyenne to deliver a package to the Platte Trading Company.
Political intrigue, outlaws, and gunfights await you in Free Cheyenne because war... war never changes.

Featuring three new quests, brand new factions, and a whole new world to explore, the Fallout: Free Cheyenne Demo is an exciting new adventure to the center of post-apocalyptic America. 

Note: Requires all New Vegas DLC to work.


Mod Manager Method
Using your mod manager, select the archive file and allow it to unpack the included files. Make sure "FreeCheyenneDEMO.esm" is selected in your plugin list.
To uninstall, simply right-click "FreeCheyenneDEMO" and select to remove mod.

Manual Method

Unpack the archive file with 7-zip. Place the "FreeCheyenneDEMO.esm" and "FreeCheyenneDEMO - Main.bsa" inside your Fallout: New Vegas data folder (where FalloutNV.esm is located). Next, open the Fallout: New Vegas game launcher and then open "Data Files". Make sure "FreeCheyenneDEMO.esm" is selected.
To uninstall, delete the "FreeCheyenneDEMO.esm" and "FreeCheyenneDEMO - Main.bsa" from your Fallout: New Vegas data folder.

Be aware that removing "FreeCheyenneDEMO" will make save files including the mod unplayable.

All demo content created by myself. Voices featured in the demo are AI generated.
Fallout and it's respective works belong to Bethesda Softworks LLC.