Restores Lonesome Road's Flechettes and expands their gameplay and crafting.
This mod adds/restores 2 new ammo types for nail guns, Flechettes and Flechette, Bunches. They are smaller, low damage, but highly efficient armor piercing versions of nails. Flechette, Bunches fire 5 nails in one shot, making it a very powerful ammo type if all your shots hit.

Flechette Bunches can be crafted with 2 nails and 5 lead.
  • Bunches require repair 75 to craft, but singular Flechettes can be crafted with repair 50.
  • They can also be converted into singular Flechettes, a 1:5 conversion. This same recipe crafts 5 single Flechettes.
  • A single projectile does very low damage, but as a bunch they are deadly if they all hit.
  • Very high DT penetration, able to pierce Super Mutant armor and most robots.
  • The nails crafting recipe now crafts 25 nails instead of 5, and requires 15 repair skill.
  • If GRA is enabled, a new recipe will be added to craft GRA’s 12 Gauge Flechettes, using the same ingredients as Coin Shot but with a flechette bunch instead of a legion coin.

  • Lonesome Road (Official DLC)
While this mod doesn’t require it, this mod was made with Tale of Two Wastelands in mind. Some things may be inconsistent but should be playable in a stock New Vegas game. It also pairs very well with my Generic Nail Gun mod.

- Compatible with Tale of Two Wastelands, no patch needed.
- Also pairs very well with Supplemental Ammo Crafting. Recipe categories will automatically change to match.

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