Enhanced Item Info - Extra UI HU

Adds extra info to HUD, including Value/Weight ratio, Recipe list, Companion weight, Ammo Comparison vs Target, Recipe input vs output comparison, etc
Requires: NVSE
Requires: JIP NVSE Plugin
Requires: UIO
Recommended: NVAC
Recommended: MCM

Enhanced Item Info adds some HUD elements to eliminate the need for "spreadsheet" style looking up things externally on Wiki, and similar things.


  • Companion inventory weight shown inside Companion trade menu
  • List of recipes an item is an ingredient of (works on Harvestable activators, too)
  • List of items a weapon or armor is repairable by
  • List of perks a weapon or armor is affected by
  • Value/Weight ratio shown in menus -- know what to toss when you're overburdened
  • Comparison of Ammo versus the target DT in VATS -- know when to use Armor Piercing or Hollow Point
  • Comparison of total value, weight, and V/W of Input ingredients versus Output products in Recipe menu
  • Merchant name fix in Barter Menu; fixes bug where their name is not displayed until tabbing to a subcategory and back
  • Show armor weight class (light, medium, heavy) in Recipe Menu (this was missing)


  • Recipe and repair are dynamic and will work with mod-added recipes and items.
  • Designed for DarnUI, works with Vanilla.
  • MCM options are available.
  • Localization to another language is simple; where possible, localized strings are pulled from the GameSettings (GMST); all others are in \config\EII\EIILocalization.ini
  • Only perks from FNV, FNV DLC, plus FO3 and FO3 DLC (if using TTW); mod added perks not included in weapon/armor perk list


  • VATS ammo compare occasionally doesn't update when cycling through targets. Closing VATS and re-opening fixes this. Looking into cause.
  • If using Vanilla (or something other than Darn), get the optional Non-Darn patch file to replace an xml.
  • The MCM setting to only show listbox on hotkey is not implemented in the code yet, changing it does nothing until this is updated to implement.