Robotics Expert Upgraded

Upgrades the Robotics Expert perk to be a simple companion system.
I always found the Robotics Expert perk to be very underwhelming. You do increased damage against robots, and you can deactivate them. The latter effect I never found useful. So, with that in mind, I wanted to rework the perk into something that you can actually use.

My upgrades resulted in a mod that essentially turns the perk into a simple companion system where you can reprogram robots to follow you. You no longer need to sneak up behind robots to reprogram them either. I realize this may be a bit overpowered, but I don't care.

A KEYWORDS ini file is included so you can blacklist robots you don't want to be affected by the perk. Simply add their baseform editor ID to the end of the list.
List of options brought up by the in-game menu:
  • Deactivate - Shuts down the robot like in the vanilla game.
  • Reactivate - Turns on the robot again. 
  • Reprogram - Turns the robot into a follower.
  • Repair - Resurrects the robot if they die. Repairing with scrap metal is an optional requirement togglable in the ini file. 
  • Reset Programming - Removes the robot as a follower and moves them back to their original spot. 
  • Open Inventory - Opens the robot's inventory. 
  • Destroy - Kills the robot.
  • Exit - Close the menu.
Other features toggable in ini file:

  • Change damage bonus dealt to robots.
  • Set minimum level to obtain perk. 
  • Require scrap metal to repair robots.
  • Require repair skill to repair robots. 
Other features:

  • Several new misc stats.