Buy Eddie's Forgiveness

Pay Eddie to remove your negative reputation with the Powder Gangers.
This mod will allow for a one time reputation reset with the Powder Gangers. If you have any infamy with the faction, you can give Eddie 500 caps and the Powder Gangers will "forgive" you.

Q. Why did you make this mod? I hate the Powder Gangers and you should too!
A. They give you free dynamite if they like you.

Q. Is this mod voiced?
A. Yes. It reuses vanilla dialogue.

Q. Can I buy their forgiveness more than once?
A. No. Eddie will only do this favor for you once.

Q. I am vilified with the Powder Gangers and they shoot me on sight. I can't talk to Eddie! What do I do?
A. That is intended behavior with the vanilla game. You can try doing other Powder Ganger quests like Booted or Why Can't We Be Friends to gain more fame to bring your reputation up to mixed and then talk to Eddie.

Q. Does this mod have any requirements?
A. Nope. Just the base game.