Salient Green Name Fix

A major bug fix.
A while back when I was fooling around in the xNVSE Discord server with my buds Demo and karut, one of them noticed a bugged name with the Salient Green item from Old World Blues. Since nobody was man enough to step up and fix it, I decided to take the plunge. After hours of tedious work (3 minutes) and days of rigorous testing (2 seconds in the console with GetName), I managed to come up with an implementation that fixed this bug without needing an esp.

Note that this bug fix may alter your perception of the game forever. You have been warned.

This mod changes Salient Green to soy Soylient Green. It's a joke mod....... It uses non-permanent NVSE functions and can safely be removed midgame without any side effects.

Note: I didn't learn about Soylent Green until after I uploaded this. I'm just out of touch on film and pop culture references.