House and NCR Truce

Adds a quest to ally Mr. House with the NCR.
This mod adds a quest that will allow you to ally Mr. House with the NCR. This mod is fully voiced.

How to ally Mr. House with NCR

The only prerequisites are that Mr. House must be alive, and you haven't failed the NCR quest line.

Follow the NCR quest line like normal and when Colonel Moore asks you to eliminate Mr. House, a quest will be added which will prompt you to talk to him and secure his help.

Convincing Mr. House will require a Barter skill of 80 or greater.
Gameplay and Lore Effects

- Once an alliance between Mr. House and the NCR has been forged, Securitrons will appear at Hoover Dam before the battle to provide reinforcements. The Securitrons will remain at the Dam until the end of the game, or the until NCR/House quest lines are failed.

- Progress in the House quest line will be halted, and can be resumed later if the NCR quest line is failed.

- Once an alliance has been formed, NPCs will comment on Mr. House joining the NCR (note this is per-existing vanilla dialogue).

- If the Functional Post Game Ending patch is installed, then all Securitrons on the Strip will be removed, and the only ones left will be inside the Lucky 38 due to the NCR taking over the region and annexing the Strip.
Compatibility and Mod Support

This mod is fully compatible with Functional Post Game Ending, YUP, Tale of Two Wastelands, Living Desert, Uncut Wasteland, and Mojave NPCs.