CACO No Health Regeneration Without Food

Stops health regeneration until you eat something (like in Enderal).
Stops health regeneration until you eat something (like in Enderal).

In vanilla, a mod like this would require tons of record edits and compatibility patches. kryptopyr’s Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul already has everything in place – it adds bonus to health regeneration rate to many ingestibles and has pretty good patch coverage. To stop health regeneration, I only had to edit a couple of food effects, keeping this mod as compatible as possible. Whether a food item regenerates health can be seen in its description (some items only boost Stamina or Magicka rates).

Health regeneration in combat stops completely, unless you drink a health regeneration potion, what makes them much more important.

Incompatible with mods, changing the Heal Rate actor value or default Player’s heal rate (rare).
Compatible with mods, changing the Heal Rate Mult actor value (mods usually use this method).

By default, the health bar disappears if it stops moving – even when it’s not full. This bug/feature was introduced with one of the Skyrim SE patches for the Survival Mode. To keep it visible below 100%, Interface\hudmenu.swf must be patched. I have included the patched file, but if you are using any UI overhaul, changing hudmenu.swf, and want to keep the health bar from hiding, you will have to patch it by yourself. (Btw, I had to patch this in Enderal SE, too.)

How to patch hudmenu.swf
  • Download JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler.
  • Open Interface/hudmenu.swf from your UI overhaul.
  • Navigate to scripts / __Packages / HUDMenu.
  • Press “Edit ActionScript”.
  • Find the function called SetHealthMeterPercent and change:
    if(!_loc4_ || this.HealthPenaltyPercent < this.lastHealthPenaltyPercent)
    if(!_loc4_ || this.HealthPenaltyPercent < this.lastHealthPenaltyPercent || aPercent < 100)
  • Press “Save” below the code window (NOT the file save).
  • Select the whole code on the right side, named “P-code source”, save it somewhere temporarily.
  • Press “Reload” on the main panel. This will revert your changes, it’s alright.
  • Once it’s reverted, press “Edit P-code” under the right side.
  • Now open the file you have just saved, copy its contents and paste instead of the contents on the right side, replacing it completely.
  • Press “Save” below the code frame and “Save” the file. All done.