Unique Items Keyword List

A pre-made KEYWORDS file with every unique item in New Vegas, Tale of Two Wastelands, The Frontier, and Someguy Series.
This is a pre-made KEYWORDS ini with all of the unique items in Fallout New Vegas, Tale of Two Wastelands, The Frontier and the Someguy Series. I decided to upload it as its own mod so that other mod authors may use it as a resource. I may update it regularly with unique items from other mods, as such I recommend listing my mod as a requirement. If there are items you don't want to be affected by your mod, you can create a blacklist using another KEYWORDS ini file and checking it with HasKeyword in your script. 

The keyword used in this list is TrooperUniqueItemList. 

A blacklist of every armor and weapon in FNV, TTW, and Frontier marked as a quest item by default is also available. 

The keyword used in the blacklist is TrooperQuestItemBlacklist. 

This list was adapted in part from Tale of Two Wastelands and The Frontier.

Tale of Two Wastelands - Whose unique formlist I used as a basis for this. 
Sweet6Shooter - For KEYWORDS Writer which saved me several hours of tedious work in converting the formlist.
Xilandro - For the convenient KEYWORDS framework.
jazzisparis - For JIP LN NVSE.
Tale of Two Wastelands