T-60 Replacer - Hardened T-51b

This mod replaces the model of every T-60 power armor with T-51b and introduces my head canon that T-60 is just a hardened version of T-51b like that which is found in Fallout and Fallout 2.

This is an edited version of Bottletopman's mod 'Classic lore - T-51 to T-60 Armour Swap' so check theirs out. I'm uploading this with permission from Bottletopman.

This replaces T-60 power armor's model with T-51b and edits it's load screen to reflect that change. Basically, it makes the game appear as if the T-60 we know and love was never created and instead the designation was given to a modified and hardened version of T-51b. It doesn't edit any stats or leveled lists.
Bottletopman for the original mod