Robert S - Male Body Replacer F3 (BodySlide-BP-BB)

Realistic Male body replacer with proper anatomical details.

-Male body replacer with high quality topology, good proportions, realistic human anatomy, smooth weighting and controllable private parts.
-Full armor adaptation for vanilla game and all DLC's.
-2k and ultra-HD 4K body textures options.
-Shaved and hairy textures options.
-Nude and Nevernude options.
-Few underwear colour options for Nevernude variants.
-Seams between head and body meshes are significally better.
-Boys also got update and now use better body and head meshes.
-Elderly men also got Robert's based body meshes and textures.
-Bodyslide support for base body and all Vanilla+DLC armours with about 200 handmade sliders.
-BodySlide support for hands so they also can fit RS body presets much better.


All-in-one installer will provide all options during Mod Manager2 installation.

Other mod managers are not tested and may cause issues. You can always unpack archive and install mod manually.


-Mod use own skeleton based on Compatibility Skeleton V. 12. Any mods that work with CS V. 12 will work with Robert S Skeleton.
-Armour and clothing that has revealing skin will need adaptation because of drastically different body UV.
-Mod use own bouncing animations as controllable private parts will look funny without them.
-Included .esp file fixes texture sets for some of the armours that use it as I fixed wrong objects order for many armour meshes (fixes an issue with blood decals doesn't show up) so if other mods override those armor records it is better to be patched in xEdit.
-Armour mods fitted for older Robert's will be about 95% compatible.


-Does mod contain skimpy outfits?

-I don't want to use bouncing animations.
They are mandatory so nude body doesn't have permanent "I'm happy to see you" thing.
If you use Nevernude option you can remove them manually by deleting "meshes/characters/_male/locomotion" folder in your mod installation folder.

-I have butt/pecs/pp stretching to eternity issue.
Chack if anything else override skeleton files. Put RS package lower in MO2 order.

-I use Compatibility Skeleton, do I have to put it lower than RS in MO2 order?
RS Skeleton completely replace CS one. You can remove CS for now (if CS will be updated to use RS bones someday I will remove skeleton files from RS package completely).

-I found a bug.
Post it in Bugs section and I will look into it.

-Is TTW patch planned?
TTW patch is provided on NV's Robert S page in optional files section.
NV version can be found here:

-What "BP" and "BB" stand for?
Bouncing Pecs and Bouncing Butt respectively.



Mod Patches

You can find patches for some armour mods on this discord server: